Philips has been known for its production of high-quality cardiology ultrasound systems. The Philips Epiq line is the culmination of years of research and innovation in the cardiac ultrasound system field. Recently, Philips released their latest models in their Epiq portfolio, the Philips Epiq Elite, Philips Epiq CVx, and the Philips Epiq CVxi cardiology ultrasound systems. With so many different Epiq ultrasound systems available, it can be difficult to know which is best for your practice. Below, you can find out the basic differences between the Philips Epiq 5, Epiq 7, Epiq Elite, Epiq CVx, and Epiq CVxi ultrasound systems and figure out which one fits your needs and your budgetary restrictions.


The entry-level ultrasound system in the Philips Epiq portfolio, the Epiq 5 is a great shared-service solution for a premium ultrasound system at a more budget-friendly price. Released in 2013, Philips’s Epiq 5 was created for applications like Radiology, Cardiology, Vascular, OB/GYN, Breast, and Hepatology. There are currently three different configurations for the Epiq 5*:

  • Philips Epiq 5G – Shared Service/General Imaging
  • Philips Epiq 5C – Cardiology/Vascular
  • Philips Epiq 5W – Women’s Health – Ob/Gyn & Breast

Options available on the Epiq 5 include but are not limited to:

  • InSIGHT Imaging – a proprietary image-forming technology
  • PureWave Transducer technology
  • Shear wave elastography
  • Anatomical Intelligence for Breast
  • TrueVue advanced 3D Imaging

As an Epiq system, the Epiq 5 also has a beautiful tablet-like touch display to quickly navigate through exams, with 40% less reach and 15% fewer steps to complete an exam. The Epiq 5 is no longer manufactured by Philips. A step above the Epiq 5 is the Philips Epiq 7.

*= Be sure to consult with your sales rep on which Philips Epiq 5 system is for you.

refurbished Philips Epiq 5


Since its release in 2013, the Philips Epiq 7 has been the premium cardiac ultrasound system offering from Philips. Before being replaced by the Epiq Elite, Epiq 7 was the industry standard for cardiac ultrasound imaging. With the same great features as the Epiq 5, but adding advanced technologies like xMATRIX and TCD Fusion, the Epiq 7 is the superior of the two. Like the Epiq 5, the Epiq 7 comes in three configurations:

  • Philips Epiq 7G – Shared Service/General Imaging
  • Philips Epiq 7C – Cardiology/Vascular
  • Philips Epiq 7W – Women’s Health – Ob/Gyn & Breast

As you can see, the Epiq 5 looks almost identical to the Epiq 7, with very minimal differences, like a slightly different paint job, and additional ports. However, internally, Epiq 7 has better hardware for faster and clearer imaging. Again, like the Epiq 5, the Epiq 7 is no longer available from Philips. However, it is available through Philips’s Diamond Select refurbished ultrasound systems arm. The Epiq 7 was replaced by the new Philips Epiq Elite.



Philips’s Epiq Elite is a new, innovative take on their classic Epiq ultrasound system line. Released in early 2019, the Philips Epiq Elite looks identical the time-tested Epiq Philips Epiq Elite Ultrasound System7 in every way except for the monitor. Epiq Elite gets a 24 inch HD MAX display for better visualization, brighter colors, and enhanced power efficiency. The Epiq Elite also gets some newer features, including:

  • XRES Pro – Next-Generation image processing
  • Improved MicroFlow Imaging
  • Additional Probe Compatibility – Like the Philips XL14-3 xMATRIX Linear Probe
  • Image Fusion and Navigation
  • ElastQ Imaging for improved elastography
  • Anatomical Intelligence with HeartModel & AI Breast

As of 2019, the Philips Epiq Elite is now the entry-level into Philips’s latest portfolio of Epiq ultrasound systems, composed of the Philips Epiq Elite, Philips Epiq CVxi, and the Premium Philips Epiq CVx. A step above the Philips Epiq Elite is the Philips Epiq CVxi.

refurbished Philips Epiq Elite for sale


Like the systems before it, the Epiq CVx looks almost identical to the previous iterations of the Epiq portfolio. However, the CVx comes with an impressive, upgraded Philips Epiq CVx Cardiovascular Ultrasound SystemOLED display, providing sharp and clear visualization thanks to its increased dynamic pixel range and improved contrast ratio. The Epiq CVx also features faster data processing than previous models, sharper imaging, robust automated quantification and customizable exam tools designed to help cardiologists deliver better care for their patients. With all the tools available on the Epiq Elite, the CVx also comes with some new features available, including:

  • New Philips S9-2 Pediatric PureWave 2D Transducer
  • AIUS for Left Heart Quantification
  • Cardiologist-specific user-interface design
  • Photorealistic imaging with an adjustable light source
  • One-Touch Real-Time Image Alignment

The Philips Epiq CVx is currently the premium cardiac ultrasound system available from Philips and one of the most impressive on the market. The EPIQ CVx is a dedicated cardiac ultrasound solution which brings significant advancements in functionality. It truly does take Cardiovascular ultrasound imaging to the X-treme!

Refurbished Philips Epiq CVX Ultrasound Machine