GE Vivid i Ultrasound Training, Getting Started: Part 1 of 7

GE Vivid i training part 1In our GE Vivid i training series, you’ll learn the knobology and general use of the Vivid i portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine.

This first installment of the training includes an overview and understanding of how to use the Vivid i most efficiently. An explanation of all the controls is included as well as the on-screen information. This is an important video to watch, as subsequent training videos build on the knowledge taught here.

This is one among many of our videos in our free Ultrasound Machine Hands-On Training Library. Looking to buy a GE Ultrasound Machine? Call one of our sales experts today at (877) 661-8224.

Links to all 7 parts of the GE Vivid i training series can be found below the video.


Complete Vivid i ultrasound training series Links:

Part 1: Getting Started with the GE Vivid i
Part 2: 2D Imaging and Optimization: Vivid i
Part 3: Doppler and M-Modes: Vivid i
Part 4: Measurements and Annotations: Vivid i
Part 5: GE Vivid i System Setup and Customization
Part 6: Image Review, Reports, and Export: Vivid i
Part 7: Vivid i DICOM Configuration and Connectivity

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