2D Imaging and Optimization Tools: Vivid i Training Part 2 of 7

Part 2 of our GE Vivid i training series covers the basics of 2D imaging and the tools available to optimize your image. While the default imaging presets on the Vivid i cardiovascular ultrasound machine are often considered very good, some prefer to optimize for higher frame rates, penetration, or overall image contrast using focus positions, gray maps, dynamic range, depth and other such tools. This training video also covers how to save these custom presets so you’ll have available every time you scan.

This is a key part of our video series to best understand how to use the Vivid i.

The Vivid i is just one of the many systems you can learn about in Probo Medical’s ultrasound service training classes. Looking to buy a GE Ultrasound Machine? Contact us today.

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