Free Ultrasound Training on the Chison ECO5 Black and White Doppler Ultrasound Machine

The Chison ECO 5 portable ultrasound machine is a popular low price color Doppler ultrasound with good image quality. It is very similar to the Chison ECO3, but includes color Doppler for more advanced functionality.

It’s a generally user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound, but the ECO5 has menus and features that aren’t easily found and not documented in the included user manual. This is a complete training series that covers those items that can’t be found in the user manual, including tips on image optimization.

This is a 6-part free hands-on training series on the ECO 5. It’s important to watch Parts 1 & 2 of the series, as these videos address many of the less obvious features and tips on functions to help image quality in your ultrasound scan. This series is ideal for ultrasound technicians looking for a quick way to solid hands-on training for ultrasound imaging on the Chison ECO5 ultrasound machine.

Complete Chison ECO5 Training Series:

Part 1: Chison ECO5 System Introduction and Tour
Part 2: ECO 5 2D Imaging
Part 3: Doppler and M-Mode on the Chison ECO 5
Part 4: Measurements and Annotations with the ECO 5
Part 5: Exporting and Reports on the ECO 5
Part 6: Chison ECO 5 System Setup and Customization

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