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GE LOGIQ S8 Ultrasound Machine | Probo Medical


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The GE Logiq S8 is a 4D multi-purpose ultrasound machine from GE’s “Signature” series of compact, mid-range ultrasounds. The Logiq S8 is designed for abdominal, vascular, cardiac, breast, small parts, obstetrics, gynecology, neonatal, urology, pediatrics, and transcranial applications. It is extremely light and compact, yet powerful enough to meet your ultrasound imaging needs, and looks visually similar to the Voluson S6, Voluson S8, and Logiq S7, which is its replacement. The Logiq S8’s powerful ultrasound system aims to get you the best images with minimal keystrokes. It minimizes workflows with its ergonomic design and convenience when scanning, so you can devote more time to patient care.

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The Logiq S8 is for sale as a shared-service ultrasound with stress echo capabilities for cardiac scanning, and in combination with its E-Series ultrasound probes, it offers improved penetration, sensitivity, and image uniformity.

The GE Logiq S8 premiere system features the following key benefits to the ultrasound machienery:

  • XDClear
  • S-Agile Architecture
  • E-Series Ultrasound Transducers
  • High-Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)
  • CrossXBeam
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging
  • LOGIQ View
  • B-Flow Imaging
  • AutoIMT
  • Elastography
  • 19″ LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Auto Optimization
  • Scan Assistant
Active Probe Ports





DICOM Options

Commitment, MPPS, Print, Query/Retrieve, Store, Structured Reports, Verify, Worklist


187 lbs, 69" x 24" x 31"



Export Options



3D/4D, 4D TUI, Anatomical M-Mode, Auto Optimization, AutoIMT, B-Flow, B-Flow Color, CD/DVD-R Drive, Color Doppler, Compound Imaging, DICOM, DVR Kit, Elastography, Elastography Q-Analysis, M-Mode, M-Mode Color Flow, Panoramic, Power Doppler, PW Doppler, Scan Assistant, Speckle Reduction, Stress Echo, Tissue Doppler, Tissue Harmonics, Virtual Convex, VOCAL

HDD Size


Imaging Modes

2D, 3D/4D

Max Cine Memory


Maximum Depth (cm)



"19"" High Resolution LCD"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

100-120V or 220-240V, 50/60 Hz

Software Revisions

BT11, BT14







USB Ports


Video and Output Options

Audio, Composite Video, Ethernet, HDMI, USB



Year Built


The refurbished GE Logiq S8 ultrasound machine is a small and lightweight cart-based console, making it easily transferrable for room-to-room use with relative ease and for fitting in tight spaces, for it’s about half the weight of the larger E-Series Logiq. The Logiq S8 provides you the best image quality for the least amount of effort, giving you advanced imaging capabilities and optimal performance with its ease-of-use.

The Logiq S-series, such as the GE Logiq S8, is in GE’s “Signature” series of ultrasound machines. It’s designed as a mid-range ultrasound machine with high image resolution, but is smaller and at a lower price than the GE “E-Series”, Expert series of ultrasound systems.

CrossXBeam on the GE Logiq S8 is also known as compound imaging. It allows the ultrasound transducer to see from multiple lines of site at different angles, as opposed to the standard line-of-site that’s perpendicular to the transducer lens.

Speckle Reduction Imaging on the Logiq S8 portable ultrasound machine uses a special software algorithm to identify body tissue and eliminate artifact. The result provides a clearer image with reduced artifact.

The Scan Assitant on GE Ultrasound machines reduces scan time by automatically stepping the user through the steps of an exam. In doing so, it has shown to eliminate up to 78% of keystrokes. General Electric’s Scan Assistant initiates and completes required measurements, automatically steers color Doppler, sets up imaging controls and modes, inserts comments, and automatically re-orders images based on the user’s preference.

Yes, the GE Logiq S8 has full network capabilities, however, you’ll need to let your Probo Medical representative know in advance that you’ll need DICOM if you want to send your images to a PACS system or radiologist for review.

You can find the GE Logiq S8 brochure below. Probo Medical has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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