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Philips iU22 Transducer Guide


The refurbished Philips iU22 shared service ultrasound machine, launched in 2004, has had a long history of improvements and revisions that have made it the gold standard for over a decade. The Philips iU22 for sale is equipped with xMatrix transducers (at certain hardware and software levels) and 4D obstetric, giving you advanced features at a reasonable cost.

About the Philips iU22

Those who are familiar with Philips systems prefer the iU22’s great image quality and its overall value in regard to price range and performance. As a shared service system, the iU22 can perform cardiac, radiology, vascular, OB/GYN, and specialty imaging applications, such as pediatric, MSK, and elastography.

Use the Philips iU22 ultrasound transducer guide below for reference and when you find the ultrasound probe you need, contact us by filling out a form here or call 866-513-8322 to find an unmatched price for the Philips iU22 ultrasound machine.

At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and stock systems from industry-leading OEM’s.

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Probe NameTypeBandwidthFOV
V6-24D Convex2-6 MHz100°
VL13-54D Linear5-13 MHz
3D9-3v4D Endovaginal3-9 MHz164°
L9-3Linear3-9 MHz
L12-5 50 mmLinear5-12 MHz
L17-5Linear5-17 MHz
L15-7ioIntraoperative Linear7-15 MHz
C5-1Convex1-5 MHz96°
C5-2Convex2-5 MHz115°
C9-4Convex4-9 MHz108°
C8-5Microconvex5-8 MHz120°
C8-4vEndovaginal4-8 MHz160°
C10-3vEndovaginal3-10 MHz164°
S3-1Cardiac Sector1-3 MHz90°
S4-1Cardiac Sector1-4 MHz90°
S5-1Cardiac Sector1-5 MHz90°
X3-1xMatrix1-3 MHz90°
X5-1xMatrix1-5 MHz100°
X6-1xMatrix1-6 MHz100°
X7-2xMatrix2-7 MHz90°
X7-2txMatrix TEE2-7 MHz90°
D2TCCPedoff2 MHz
D2CWCPedoff2 MHz
D5CWCPedoff5 MHz