Free Training on one of our best-selling portable ultrasound machines

Free ultrasound training One of the more important parts of my job is talking to customers and getting their feedback on equipment. Usually, this means some sort of over-the-phone applications help, technical support, or general pre/post-sale impressions.

With the SonoScape S2 becoming one of our top-sellers, and often being sold to first-time ultrasound users, I find that the customers with whom I speak don’t know all the little nuances of this system, the customizations, and somewhat hidden features. This is because the market for systems such as the S2 usually don’t purchase applications training.This market tends to have a smaller budget, and $1,500 (and up) for applications training is simply out-of-reach.

So our team got together and decided we should create a free training series on the S2. Over the coming weeks, I’ll release the complete series of our SonoScape S2 training videos.

We think this will save thousands of dollars for those whose budgets are too tight for applications¬†training, or maybe they don’t need a complete apps training, just true full tour of the system. Here are the direct links to the individual training videos:

  1. Overview, Setup, and Customization of the SonoScape S2
  2. User Interface Training
  3. 2D Imaging and Image Optimization Training
  4. PW and Color Doppler Imaging Training
  5. Ultrasound Cine Clip Review and Saving Images S2 Ultrasound Training
  6. Measurements and Calculations with the SonoScape S2
  7. Creating Custom Presets with the SonoScape S2 Portable Ultrasound Machine
  8. Patient Review, Exporting Images, and Reports

The training is completely free, I hope you find it helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by submitting a comment below.

For a complete listing of all Providian Medical’s free ultrasound training videos, check out our Ultrasound Equipment Training page.

-Brian Gill, Vice President, Products & Technology

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