Using the Measurements and Analysis package on the Chison SonoTouch 30

Part 6 of 8 of the Chison SonoTouch 30 portable ultrasound system training series, discusses how to use the various measurements and calculations with the SonoTouch 30. There are some undocumented features in this video, offering good tips and tricks for using this tablet-style ultrasound machine.

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Transcript to measurements and calculations with the Chison SonoTouch 30 ultrasound machine

Now, let’s take a look at the measurements. If I want to take a quick– let’s say I want to just take a quick measurement. I can hit Caliper. Down here it’s going to show the result. I hold here. Move my cursor to where I want it. And I have a blue one. I’m just going to click and drag. And I don’t know if you could see it very well, but there’s a blue line here. And it’s showing my distance here.

I’m clicking and dragging this Caliper around to get my measurement. Notice, I can click away from it. So I can see it better. If I hit switch, it will highlight the other yellow. And I could take that and swing it around. Again, I do not have to click on the yellow.

This allows me to click and drag it and see exactly where it’s going to be positioned. Click on the arrows under Caliper, I can also get an ellipse or a trace.

The trace, I can drag my finger all the way around. And when I let go, it’s going to draw a straight line. Down here, we’re given the circumference and area. If I want to get an ellipse, click and drag. And I have my blue markers and my yellow. Going to hit switch, and I can change this one here. Switch again and these become active. And I can change that.

When I’m done with that measurement, I click Done. And we’ll save it right there. Now, the same thing goes here if I want to delete that measurement, I have to be into the measurement screen and click on the Trashcan. Same thing applies as Annotations. If you click and hold it for a long time, it’ll delete all measurements.

Now, if I want to use the calculation package, I’m going to hit Meas. And this will ask me what I want to choose. I have the two arrows along which show that there are sub-menus beneath there, how I want to measure, various item. I would take this measurement, say I want a 2-axis volume, going to click here. Hit Switch. It works the very same way. Hit Switch again. And I can get my volume measurement there. And I click Done. And this will show normal 2-axis volume measurement which will show up on my report. I can click Back. That remains on the screen.

Press and hold Delete. And we’ll move that off the screen.