MicroMaxx remains strong choice among tough competition

SonoSite systems are pretty easy to review. Really. From the Titan to the MicroMaxx to the M-Turbo, it’s kind of like writing the same review over and over again.

The speech is the same: They’re easy to use, they’re fast, they’re durable, etc. The main differences come down to image quality, connectivity, and some specialty software options.

That’s about it.

So why waste time on a review?

Mostly because SonoSite’s original “niche” market has become very large, and many of its customers are entering the ultrasound world for the first time… and this is among the best units available for your first ultrasound… or anyone looking for something solid, easy, and low-priced. More about the MicroMaxx after the MicroMaxx video review:

SonoSite MicroMaxx Review

MicroMaxx Key Features

The main thing that makes the MicroMaxx competitive is its image quality and price. As I stated in the MicroMaxx video review, it may have more “speckle” or “grain” than newer systems, but overall its got very good image quality in this low-mid price range.

It has options for compound imaging, speckle reduction, shared services, IMT calcs, and SiteLink software that allows you to download and view your images on a PC.

It really is the only item in this price range that provides such reliability, portability and durability. Everything else that compares is either too old, not as durable, or not as portable/easy to use.

The MicroMaxx, however is a little more limited in its connectivity. While it has the semi-convenient SiteLink software, exporting images isn’t as easy as others in its price range. It uses Compact Flash instead of USB, and retrieving images takes an extra step if you’re not directly connected to a computer or network.


 Who buys the SonoSite MicroMaxx?

The MicroMaxx is available as a refurbished product at this time. Consequently, is most often found in small-medium hospitals, private practices, and other bedside ultrasound situations. Its affordability makes it an easier purchase for less-funded departments and offices looking to try ultrasound for the first time. This includes podiatry, needle guidance, msk/orthopedics, ICU, and especially emergency departments.

In my history, hospitals often pass these around. It may start in anesthesia, where they soon upgrade to an M-Turbo, then pass this to the emergency department, ICU, and even rheumatology departments.

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