System Setup and Customization with the Fuji SonoSite Edge: Ultrasound Training Part 4 of 5

As with other SonoSite ultrasound machines, there is not a considerable amount of customizations that can be made on the Fuji SonoSite Edge. For the most part, what you see is what you get. However, there typically are some things you’ll want to do to set your machine to your own preferences. This is also the video you’ll want to watch to learn about connectivity to a Network or DICOM server.

Although you can view each video in this series individually, it helps to view them sequentially, because each video builds on what you learned in the previous part.

This is one among many of our videos in our Ultrasound Machine Training library. Looking to buy a Fuji SonoSite ultrasound machine? Call one of our sales experts today at (877) 661-8224.

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