Video Review of One of the Best Bargains on the Ultrasound Market

Recently, this has become possibly the best portable ultrasounds on the market when it comes to price and performance. You see, there was a fairly significant price drop on this system, and it’s become almost too good to pass up.

The SonoScape S8 portable ultrasound machine is an excellent imaging machine. It has a lot of great features, it’s shared service, and its price makes it an easy choice for those looking for a mid-range ultrasound machine. More about this system after the video. Below I’ll explain a bit more about the positives and negatives on this system.

SonoScape S8 Review


SonoScape S8 Feature Review

In addition to being shared service, the SonoScape S8 carries many of the top ultrasound imaging technologies available.

These aren’t typically standard for systems in the low-mid price range. It has high frame rates and excellent image quality. And this isn’t just my opinion, it’s what we’re hearing from our customers. They’re all very impressed with the image quality and feel that it’s well above its competitors in this price range, and arguably better than many in the mid-level price range.

What’s the Catch?

Hopefully, I didn’t scare you away in the video on the downside of the S8. Here I’ll get into more depth. There are a couple things that are minor inconveniences, but when weighed with the price, most offices, mobile imaging companies, small hospitals, and other budget-conscious users, find that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.

So, it takes is some time to learn the system, which you should take with any ultrasound machine. Free training alleviates any concerns about wading through a user manual. And if you can handle the carotid measurements, this system is very good for tighter budgets that need a feature-laden ultrasound or a shared service portable for a good price.

Questions? Comments? Leave a comment below and I’ll respond. Interested in purchasing a SonoScape S8? Talk to one of our sales experts today at (877) 661-8224.