Updated and Improved, the S8 Exp Offers Value and Solid Performance

SonoScape S8 EXP Front viewIn this video, I come clean on this portable ultrasound machine.

When I first evaluated the SonoScape S8 Exp in late 2013, I thought the image quality was great, but I felt that it still had some growing up to do. So I sent a long report to SonoScape with the needed improvements, and until the improvements were made, our position was that we would sell it only to very specific, limited markets.

SonoScape responded by adding significant improvements in multiple upgrades and revisions. The result is that we have solid system, new with warranty, at a key price point. We’ve been looking for something to really succeed in this price point, and I think we have a winner.

More about the S8 Expert after the video:

SonoScape S8 Expert Review[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Brian Gill with Providian Medical, and this is Sonoscape S8 Expert portable ultrasound machine. Before I get into this review, I should inform you that my original review on this machine was done about 18 months ago, and I never published it. The S8 Expert, also known as the S8 Exp, has always been a very good imaging machine. However, at the time of my original review, it was incomplete. The result is that we informed our sales force to sell this only into very specific markets. But essentially, I told our sales staff, there are better choices out there, in most situations. Hence, I chose not to publish my review at the time. But over the last 18 months, we’ve seen tremendous upgrades based on our feedback to Sonoscape. We’ve performed extensive tests on this S8 Expert in house. And we also sent the machines to sonographers and customers in the field to provide their own feedback to us. The result is that the price point and capabilities make this a high-value, solid ultrasound machine. And today, the S8 Expert has become one of the more popular ultrasound machines among our customers. And, in fact, sometimes we even have trouble keeping them in stock. We sell this typically as a new ultrasound machine with warranty. And its price point, image quality, and versatility provide a viable and solid solution in its category. The S8 Expert is a mid-range, shared service ultrasound machine that performs well on all of its applications, including pretty well in cardiac imaging with CDW Doppler. Other features include tissue Doppler imaging, speckle reduction and compound imaging technologies, triplex, one-touch image optimization, tissue harmonics, IMT calcs, and panoramic imaging. There are a wide variety of ultrasound probes available for this unit, covering nearly every modality, including transesophageal. As with other Sonoscape products, it has two probe ports in the back, which has many benefits, including faster workflow and less stress on the hardware from constantly changing probes. This is very helpful feature in most situations. This also has a removable battery, which runs up to an hour, depending on what type of scanning you’re doing. It has USB ports on the side to allow you to export to flash drive, DVD burner, external hard drive, or connect to other peripherals, such as a digital printer. S-video and VGA ports allow you to connect to an external monitor, DVD recorder, or other video device. To compare the S8 Expert to other Sonoscape products, this is a slightly lesser version of the mid- to upper-range Sonoscape S9, and a fairly significant upgrade over the S2. And it’s nothing like the older and no longer produced Sonoscape S8. So, if you’re considering this unit over the higher-end S9, or the lower-end S2, here are the major differences. The S9 comes at a higher price, has twice as many imaging channels, comes with a touchscreen interface, and really outperforms this in cardiology. The S2 is less versatile and not as capable for more higher end, processor-intensive functions, such as Doppler. I’ve worked with this machine and also work with some customers in the field who are also using this machine. Hands down, as with other Sonoscape machines, the first comment is always regarding the excellent 2D imaging quality. It’s a lot better than you’d expect in this price range, and this, the S2, and the S9 have become game changers in the mid-range market for 2D imaging. But is the S8 Expert the right machine for you? Talk to one of our sales experts today, who will guide you through choosing the best machine for your needs and your budget. I’m Brian Gill with Providian Medical, and that’s what you need to know about the Sonoscape S8 Expert portable, color Doppler, shared service ultrasound machine. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]



SonoScape S8 Expert Feature Review


The S8 Expert screen tilts up to 45-degrees

The S8 Expert is fully shared-service with solid cardiac capabilities, which is rare for a portable ultrasound in this price range.

The screen can tilt up to (about) 45-degrees, which is very nice and not as common in this portable arena. LCD screens can be finicky from different angles, and this allows you to view the image without having to adjust your seat height.

As with other SonoScape products, the 2D imaging really shines. Its color Doppler is good and has received very positive feedback from our customers. Customers say that it competes well against a refurbished GE Logiq e, which falls into this same price category.

In addition to our own testing, we have units in the field that are being used for cardiac, vascular, abdominal, obstetrics, and MSK/Orthopedic use. The comments coming back are very positive when discussing the performance of the machine.

Its key technology features include:

Using the SonoScape S8 Expert Ultrasound Machine

SonoScape S8 EXP KeyboardThe keyboard layout is what you expect from a portable… a little cramped… but you get used to it quickly. Once you know where your commonly used controls are, it becomes fairly automatic. Consider it a smaller version of a full user interface with full keyboard, TGC, proper gain controls, trackball, and so on.

Softkeys provide access to key image optimization tools, as well as other features in the various imaging modes.

It can export to multiple formats, including DICOM and various image and video formats. It can export to USB and over a network.


In all, it’s hard to argue against value. This has been a key price range… one in which a refurbished unit was almost always the best choice, the key unit being the GE Logiq e. But now that’s changed. While the Logiq e has its good points, the S8 Exp offers many good points as well… one of the bigger and more convincing is that you can purchase this new (with a long warranty) over a refurbished Logiq e with a minimal warranty period.

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