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Samsung UGEO HM70A portable ultrasoundSamsung-Medison‘s previous foray into the laptop ultrasound market was the Medison MySono U6, which is a solid budget-conscious shared services 4D ultrasound, but didn’t quite compete with the more expensive mid-range systems.

But the recently released Samsung UGEO HM70A takes a sizeable step up from the MySono U6. With the HM70A, Samsung has a formidable competitor to the other players in the mid-range portable 4D ultrasound machines. And its 4D is solid… a rare trait for portable 4D ultrasound machines.

To boot, it takes advantage of some advanced features not found on any other portable ultrasound machine.

More about the UGEO HM70A after the review:

HM70A ReviewHi, I’m Brian Gill, with Providian Medical, and this is the Samsung UGEO HM70A portable shared service ultrasound. That’s a nice upgrade to the Medison U5, U6 series of ultrasounds. In particular, this is probably the best alternative in 4D to a refurbished Voluson I or Voluson E. Image quality is similar to that that you find in a LOGIQ e, and the 4D is definitely improved over the Medison U6. Specifically, there’s less tweaking involved in getting a 4D image that’s very good, as opposed to U6, which involves some tweaking. Part of this improvement comes from the speckle reduction technology that’s been updated. This is something that can be very helpful when looking at the 4D baby face imaging. Now, besides 4D, I found that it’s very good system in MSK and superficial imaging. In fact, all the UGEO that are under the Samsung name of ultrasound systems do a very nice job with superficial imaging, with a linear or convex problem. This also has compound imaging, which allows for its Needle Mate, needle guided software. This is a beam steering technology that brightens the visualization of the needle, which allows for better and more accurate needle guidance. It has capable cardiac machine, but if you’re doing primarily cardiac, this probably isn’t the ultrasound machine you’re looking for, unless your budget demands it. Now, other key features include auto-IMT software, elastography, 4D volume diagnostic imaging, and a unique DVR technology. This technology allows you to record real time to a USB drive, like a flash drive, or a DVD, and that’s something that’s unseen on other portable ultrasound machines. Now, the HM78 falls in the mid-range portable ultrasound price market, but this offers shared service capabilities with 4D, which, really, there aren’t many out there that do that. Basically, you’re looking at things like the SonoScape S9, or the Samsung U6, and the Mindray M7. This has the best 4D of those systems, because Medison’s been doing 4D since its inception, and they’re very good at it. This is a nice upgrade to the Medison U5 or U6. If you’re looking for an upgrade in that market, and if you’re looking for a 4D that has a broad range of capabilities, this is something you should definitely consider. I’m Brian Gill with Providian Medical, and that’s what you need to know about the Samsung UGEO HM78A portable shared service 3D ultrasound machine. Thanks for watching.


HM70A Feature ReviewSamsung UGEO HM70A Portable MSK ultrasound machine

Key features include what makes it unique: shared services, 4D, good image quality.

Also, it has somewhat standard imaging features such as tissue harmonics, compound imaging and speckle reduction.

What’s unique about the HM70A is its use of newer technologies. For those doing 4D imaging, probably the coolest and most helpful feature is HD-ADVR. This allows you to save live video to the hard drive or USB hard drive/flash drive. This is a big deal for the 4D folks (and potentially cardiac). No longer do you need to connect a cumbersome DVD recorder, nor are you limited to 30-second clips.

Samsung Medison UGEO HM70A portable 4D ultrasoundNope, this allows you to save to a USB drive or to the hard drive as though it’s a DVD-Recorder or DVR. Very cool.

Smart Filter Volume Imaging is responsible for making clearer 4D images. This is an image filter designed specifically for 4D mode, which is a new approach to 4D imaging.

I found this machine to be fairly easy to use and intuitive. It’s an excellent choice for mobile companies looking for the most versatility out of a shared services portable ultrasound machine.

You’ll find this system if you’re considering the Mindray M7 or possibly the Voluson i/e.

One of our experienced sales reps can help you decided between these systems, or possibly recommend something else depending on your budget. These mid-range systems with 4D can get pricey, and there are lower-priced alternatives that you may consider. You can reach one of our reps at (440) 459-1625.

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