Exam Review, Report & Export: Biosound MyLab 30 Training Part 5 of 6

This fifth part of the Biosound Esaote MyLab 30 training series addresses exporting images and loops to various media, exam review, and viewing/editing reports on the Biosound MyLab 30 portable ultrasound machine.

Although you can view each video in this series non-sequentially, it helps to view them in order, because each video builds on what you learned in the previous part.

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Transcript to Biosound MyLab 30 Gold training part 6

To review the current exam, press the Exam Review button. Here, it’s going to show me clips that I’ve saved in the image. Up here, it has a red arrow which means that there’s another page. The grayed out arrow means there’s not.

Down here, I can go from one page to the next. To view an image, I simply click on it, and it’s going to show me that saved image. I can check on it and delete it. I can also check multiple images and delete them. You can also use annotations on that image. And you can also take measurements on that image.

All of those will go to the report. Now, if I like this image and wanted to put it on the report– the image on the report, not just the measurements, but the image. And I’ll go ahead and get the pointer back up. Check this image off. I’ll check these two off. and click on attach. And an A will appear down here, showing me that that image is attached to the report.

So when we go and review the report, that image will be on that page. You can also export images from here. I’m going to click a couple here. Click Export. And if you have a USB device or something else plugged into the back, you’ll be able to select that from this dropdown. I do have a USB stick put in on the back of the machine.

I can choose to make it anonymous, and I’ll click OK. Up here, it’s going to show me that it’s saving by that yellow box that’s blinking around it, that it saved those images to my USB stick. You can do the same for DICOM, CD burner, or the network if the system is enabled properly to do so.

Now, to view previous patients, we can go to Archive, Review. Choose one, double-click, and we go back to the exam screen on a previous patient. Note that I have a clip selected here, and it’s automatically playing through that semi-loop review. I can check these off also, click Export, and click OK.

Note that when you go to Archive Review, you have the same options you did as looking for patients. By clicking here, you can type in the last name and search for the patient that way and do the image review in the exact same way by double-clicking on a patient. You can also press the Report key to review your report.

This is going to show all the measurements you took. You’ll click page down or page up to see what you did. Your images will appear in that report. And you can click Preview to see what that report looks like. And we can see here that images are attached to that report. Next, we’ll get into the system setup.