A video review of the cool, capable tablet-style portable ultrasound machineSonoTouch 30-Front View

As bedside “point-of-care” ultrasound machines become more popular and more widely available, I think we may see quite a few copycats of this well-designed tablet-style ultrasound machine.

At first glance, many will think this is a simple copycat of the GE Venue 40, or one of the other tablet-style portable ultrasound machines. But it isn’t.

This one is truly different. Really, with all the copycat ultrasounds out there being released by manufacturers, this one shows innovation and thoughtfulness. It’s a very cool machine. In my video review, you’ll see what makes it cool and why it’s different than the Venue 40 and some of the other tablet ultrasound machines on the market. Read more below the break.

Chison SonoTouch 30 Review[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Brian Gill with Providian Medical, and this is the Chison SonoTouch 30 portable tablet-style ultrasound machine. This may look and feel like GE’s Venue 40, but they’re quite different, and both are very unique and very cool products. For features and usability, this machine is alone in its class. This is a true tablet-style ultrasound machine where all input is done via a touch screen. There is a stylus, too, but my preference is to use the touchscreen exclusively. More importantly, this machine is more versatile than the Venue 40. It has a full set of measurement analysis packages, not just basic measurements. Additionally, it has color and pulse wave Doppler. That includes a cardiac package, which allows for cardiac measurements, even including stroke volume and ejection fraction. Imaging optimization features include compound imaging, tissue harmonics speckle reduction, TGCs, dual and quad screen display, and clips for saving clips. Probes include convex linear, micro convex, and phased array. The display is 10.4 inches, much like all of its competitors in its class. It even has features to customize the look of the system and personalize the appearance. Overall, this gets an A plus for the coolness factor. It really operates intuitively like a tablet such as an iPad or other device. And as you use it, you discover other intuitive and cool features that are done by swiping and pinching. Most features are covered in the five-part online training video series that we have on our website. Now, what’s the drawback of the SonoTouch 30? It kind of goes with image quality. While it will perform many functions, it does not match the image quality to the Venue 40. These are in a similar price range, and the Venue 40 systems we sell win in image quality. However, where the Venue 40 really lacks is its versatility. It’s a more difficult user interface, and limited in scope and function. You’re forced to use that stylus, which can be difficult. That system is better used as a simple imaging device. The SonoTouch 30 is ideal for bedside ultrasound situations, where you might do more complex studying, you might need true measurements, and there’s a requirement for Doppler. This includes OB/GYN, PICC lines, needle guidance, basic cardiac, abdominal, venous, and general radiology. Truly, the Venue 40 and the Chison SonoTouch 30 are for different markets. I really like this Chison SonoTouch 30. It is very cool to use, very easy to use, and really, probably the coolest tablet there is on the market. I’m Brian Gill with Providian Medical, and that’s what you need to know about the Chison SonoTouch 30 portable tablet-style bedside ultrasound machine. Thanks for watching.



SonoTouch 30 Feature ReviewSonoTouch 30 SidePort View

As I pointed out in the video, the big thing here isn’t just its capabilities. It’s the touch operation. Pinch, swipe, scroll, and slide. Everything can be done with your fingers. This is a big bonus for sterile environments, and for those who prefer something more intuitive, such as a tablet computer, rather than something more complicated, such as an ultrasound.

This is a lot more intuitive and easy-to-use than other tablets out there. And in this price range, the SonoTouch 30 is very unique. Its closest competitor, the Venue 40, is more basic and difficult to use. The biggest advantage to the Venue 40 is its image quality.

But the SonoTouch 30 has things that other machines simply don’t. Namely, full touch operation, many connectivity options, full measurement and analysis packages, internal memory for patient data and image storage, wider variety of probes, and stronger customization options. It has USB, S-Video, VGA, and Ethernet ports on the system, which allow for easier transfer and simple connections to external video sources.

The variable-angle stand makes it easy to set table-top at multiple angles, and it also folds flat as a handle for cradle operation. It’s light enough to carry in this manner, where it can be easily handled going from bed-t0-bed or room-to-room.

Who would buy the Chison SonoTouch 30?

SonoTouch 30 Back View

The Chison SonoTouch 30 opens itself up to a wide audience. It’s extremely affordable and versatile, which makes it great for smaller offices such as family practice, orthopedic, chiropractic, small hospitals, and emergency departments. This is great for a quick diagnosis, but the addition of the calculations packages allows this to go a few step further than other tablets on the market.

The needle guide software makes this a good system for anesthesia, PICC lines, or pain management. The image quality is good enough to provide visualization, and the needle guide software will help the needle “glow” onscreen.

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