Chison’s Advanced Portable is a Great Value

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When you add it all up, the Chison Q9 is hard to beat in value. In fact, I’d be challenged to find a better value in the mid-upper end portable ultrasound machines.

It starts with a 3-year warranty. Couple that with excellent image quality and a good price. Throw in shared service and 4D obstetric imaging. Add reliability, and you’ll understand why this system from Chison ultrasound machines has become one of our top-selling mid-upper range portable shard service ultrasound machines.

As you’ll see in the video, I like the Q9. There are a lot of great things to say about it, particularly for OB/GYN, MSK, Orthopedic, Vascular and Small Parts imaging. Its 4D has competitive pricing and it also has a rapidly improving VirtualHD 4D software for the latest-and-greatest technology in 4D imaging. More about the Q9 after the video.

Chison Q9 Feature Review

The Q9 has a broad range of capabilities. As mentioned above, it performs all general imaging, as most machines do, but also features an 18MHz linear transducer that has excellent superficial imaging. 4D obstetric “babyface” imaging is very capable and great for offices looking to add 4D imaging to their practice.

It also features “VirtualHD” for 4D imaging, which is similar to GE’s HDLive 4D imaging on its latest versions. The image on the left is one I took of a 28-week old fetus who was in a tough position… so it gives you a real idea of what you can expect out of the Virtual HD software. The marketing images from the company always look perfect and are typically unrealistic. This is a real-world shot on a difficult-to-image mom.

The best part is that Chison allows me to work with them directly on improving the 4D quality. Their responsiveness has been impressive and it’s made this a much better 4D machine for our customers.

This is a capable cardiac imaging machine, but not designed for someone doing full-time cardiac. This is a good add-on as a feature, but it’s not where the Q9 really shines. But note, as I did in the video, that this machine is continually updated and improved. It’s possible at the time you read this review that the cardiac imaging has seen enough improvements to make it a very capable cardiac imaging ultrasound machine.

The user interface is solid and relatively straightforward. It runs on a Windows platform and has similar operation to GE’s portable machines… except that exporting images is a lot easier.

The Q9 has many advanced features, as well as what’s now considered standard on mid-range machines and up. This includes:

Q9 Reliability

All ultrasound machines have their issues. But hands down, this has been one of the most stable and least problematic systems we sell. That’s not always the case with new ultrasound machines. Every manufacturer has its problems, but they’re few and far-between with the Q9. Regardless, it comes with a very long warranty and we have our exclusive loaner program if your machine runs into a rare issue.

When I first viewed the Chison Q9 in early 2014 I was impressed. It has since been updated with the 4D functionality, and they’ve improved general functionality based on recommendations I’ve made to make it more user-friendly and more efficient. They’ve done a great job.

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