Exam Review and Export on the Chison Q9: Training Part 6 of 7

When the exam is complete there are options you have for saving and deleting your images for the exam. You can also place images within your report.

Part 6 of the Q9 ultrasound training teaches you about placing images in reports, as well as exporting images to various media, including DICOM and USB flash drives.

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Transcript to Exporting Images on the Chison Q9:

When my exam is done, I can click on this Archive button to go and review the images from the study. This here is a static image and this is a live image. The way you can tell is you have your Play and Stop button here. You can hit Play and view it, Stop.

There’s also Play and Pause. Scroll through the pages here, and those are my images. This is where I would go to export my images. I can click on these and have the check marks go. And here there’s Print to a PC for my report, DICOM Send, DICOM Print, and Export.

If I want to export to USB, this is where I would click. Here it shows me Removable Drive. I’ll click on it. Image Format. I can choose the type of format that I want to save to and I can save the 2D Cine that will go to an AVI file, and I’ll click OK. And these little lines down here say that it is being exported, and now I’ve clicked on that, says it’s finished, so I know I’m ready to go, and I hit Cancel.

So keep an eye on that. And remember, earlier we showed this to be exed out. I did insert a USB stick, so I click on it, it’s going to show me there’s my removable drive there where I can eject it from the machine. Not really want to do that. I could format it. Right now, I’m just going to hit Cancel. This Task Manager showed me it exported to that USB stick. It’s finished and everything’s all set and done.

If I want to deselect them all, I’m just going to click here, and now I can either start a new study with this patient or continue with the exam, or just go back to the archive where I have that from before. Here I can double click on that study, view it again, click Review, and now I’m back to that screen again. Again, I’m clicking the Update key to select and deselect those.

Currently, there’s really only one way to add images to a report. If you go to the Archive page and click on Report, you’ll notice you can’t enter images onto the report from here. What you need to do is click Exit, go to the 2D scanning screen and press the Report button. And here, you’re able to scroll, click, and it will enter the image onto that report. To remove that image from the report, click on it again and it will remove it from the report. Click Save to save your report. Click OK and you’re done.