How 4D Ultrasound Works: Understanding 4D Imaging, Ultrasound Training Part 7 of 8

Although this is part of the GE Voluson i training series, the concepts here apply to all 4D ultrasound machines. This free training video discusses the differences between 2D and 4D imaging.

These concepts are difficult for new and old ultrasound technicians alike. In fact, in many training situations, I’ve found experienced sonographers often have more difficulty understanding 4D. This requires them to think of how an ultrasound “sees” differently. Hopefully the concepts here can help you get started in 4D baby imaging..

You do not need a Voluson i, or any GE 4D ultrasound to understand or take advantage of the concepts taught in this chapter.

The Voluson i is just one of the many systems you can learn about in Probo Medical’s ultrasound service training classes. Looking to buy a GE Ultrasound Machine? Call one of our sales experts today at (877) 661-8224.

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