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Chison SonoBook 9 Ultrasound Machine


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The SonoBook 9 is Chison’s advanced portable ultrasound machine. As one of the most versatile and affordable mid-range to high-end portable ultrasound machines, the Chison SonoBook 9’s notable features are image quality, speed, and price.

When it was released in 2017, the laptop-style Chison SonoBook 9 ultrasound system’s most notable breakthroughs were in advanced cardiac and vascular imaging, however, the SonoBook 9 also operates well for a shared service portable ultrasound. The SonoBook 9 has been successful in many markets, specifically mobile, MSK, orthopedics, OB/GYN, and emergency medicine.

The Chison SonoBook 9 ultrasound’s cardiac capabilities are among the best in this price range. Yet, this also excels at more than cardiac imaging. The vascular imaging performed by the SonoBook 9 is diagnostically advanced, and it has also been adopted by professional sports teams for use in their training facilities as an orthopedic/MSK ultrasound.

Image quality for the SonoBook 9 is optimized by using advanced technologies, including: compound imaging, needle visualization, speckle reduction imaging. Key unique features include IMT, Tissue Doppler, and prospective/retrospective cineloop saving. Additionally, it features some of the highest frame rates of any portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine.

With an internal Solid State hard drive (SSD), the SonoBook portable ultrasound machine is among the fastest machines we tested. Saving loops, changing modes, adjusting image quality, exporting, etc, are all nearly instantaneous. Most notable: there is almost no lag when saving cine clips, which is a key issue with most portable ultrasound machines.

Key notable features include:

  • Fast boot up speeds (<1 minute)
  • 4D OB Imaging with VirtualHD
  • Transducer support for over 27 probes
  • Instant switch between different ultrasound modes and measurements
  • AIO (Automatic Image Optimization for B-Mode and D-Mode)
  • Auto Measurements including Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto-trace for PW and for follicles and breast lesions

Chison SonoBook 9’s durability and design is similar to Mindray and generally better than comparable portable ultrasound systems from GE’s Vivid and Logiq lines.

The SonoBook 9 price is less expensive than its closest competitors, which include the Mindray M9, Philips CX50, and GE Vivid iq. When compared to other affordable ultrasound machines, the SonoBook’s cardiac imaging was quite a bit better than the Chison EBit 60, Mindray M7, GE Logiq e, GE Vivid e, GE Vivid i, and SonoScape S8 Expert.

Active Probe Ports






DICOM Options

MPPS, Print, Store, Structured Reports, Worklist


12 lbs, 14" x 14" x 3"



Export Options

AVI, BMP, DICOM, JPG, Network Storage, USB


3D/4D, 4D Virtual HD (HDLive), Anatomical M-Mode, Auto Optimization, AutoIMT, Color Doppler, Compound Imaging, DICOM, Directional Color Power Doppler, Elastography, HPRF, IMT, M-Mode, Needle Visualization, Panoramic, Power Doppler, PW Doppler, Speckle Reduction, Stress Echo, Tissue Doppler, Tissue Harmonics

HDD Size


Imaging Modes

2D, 3D/4D

Max Cine Memory

256 Frames

Maximum Depth (cm)



"15"" HD LED"

PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Primary Applications

Anesthesia, Cardiac, OB/GYN, Small Parts, Urology, Vascular







USB Ports


Video and Output Options

DVI, Ethernet, S-Video, USB, Wireless



Year Built


The SonoBook 9 was Chison’s entrance into the mid- to high-end portable ultrasound machine category. Chison’s goal was to create a machine priced lower than refurbished high-end portable models from Philips and GE. However, they surprised us by creating an affordable ultrasound machine whose performance is comparable with new and refurbished systems of those same lines. The addition of 4D Obstetric with VirtualHD make the SonoBook 9 the most versatile of these products.

Chison hit a sweet-spot of image quality, speed, and price with the SonoBook 9. It is an excellent choice for mobile companies and clinics with tight budgets because they will not sacrifice quality for price.

In Probo Medical’s Chison SonoBook 9 training series, you’ll learn the knobology, setup, and networking of the popular Chison SonoBook 9 portable ultrasound machine.

This first video in the SonoBook 9 training is a must-see. It provides the base knowledge of getting around the system and how to access various parts of the machine. This is an important video to watch, as subsequent training videos build on the knowledge taught here.

This second installment of the Chison SonoBook 9 training series gets you started on creating a patient, starting an exam, using the machine for 2D imaging and how to optimize your image and save a custom preset.

Because this covers 2D imaging, many of the buttons and controls on the system are discussed, and this is also knowledge that you’ll need for the subsequent training videos on the Chison SonoBook 9.

The SonoBook 9 has multiple Doppler modes, including Color, Pulsed Wave, Continuous Wave, Color Power, and Tissue Doppler. These modes, in addition to M-Mode and Anatomical M-Mode are discussed in this section of Chison SonoBook 9 Ultrasound training. A brief section on using the Stress Echo functionality is also discussed.

The SonoBook 9 has many different ways of taking measurements on your images, and also has some automatic functions to help make your workflow more efficient. Learn how to take advantage of the different measurements and calculations, as well as how to use the annotations packages on the Chison SonoBook 9.

The Chison SonoBook 9 is one of the more straightforward and easier systems to allow you to review reports, view images, and export to USB or DICOM. The speed of the system translates to quick export and DICOM transfer over ethernet. This part of the SonoBook 9 ultrasound training series will show you how to use all these tools.

DICOM setup and customizing is the focus of this final portion of our Chison SonoBook 9 Ultrasound Training series. Setting up DICOM on this system is relatively easy if you’re prepared with the appropriate information from you IT department and DICOM/PACS provider.

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