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Ultrasound Machines, Probes, Parts and C-arms

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Samsung is a company that manufactures and sells ultrasound machines. Samsung ultrasound systems offer the latest innovations and are designed to empower healthcare professionals with confidence. They offer a range of ultrasound systems for general imaging, women’s health, cardiovascular and point of care applications. [1]One of the specific Samsung ultrasound machines is the Samsung SonoAce R7, which is a premium economy shared service ultrasound machine that offers the lowest cost 4D OB/GYN in the current Samsung ultrasound lineup. The Samsung SonoAce R5 is virtually identical to the R7 but has no 4D and slower, less expensive hardware. The SonoVet R5 is a veterinary version of the R5. [2]Another Samsung ultrasound machine is the HS40, which is an advanced imaging ultrasound system that provides an astonishingly clear view for clinical decisions with greater confidence. The HS40 was inspired by user ideas in the product development phase and won a prestigious 2017 iF Design Award. [3]Samsung ultrasound machines are known for their advanced capabilities, innovative technology and user-centric design. They are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in various clinical settings and provide high-quality images.