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GE Vivid E9 Transducer Guide

Refurbished Vivid E9

The GE Vivid E9 with XDClear ultrasound is a high-powered 4D cardiovascular imaging machines currently available. Vivid E9 machines come equipped with the tools needed to streamline your workflow and provide the data necessary for confident diagnoses. By using the GE Vivid E9 with XDClear transducer guide, you can better understand your system and the probes it needs for the services you want to provide.

GE Vivid E9 Probes at Probo Medical

Use the GE Vivid e9 with XDClear ultrasound transducer guide below for reference and when you find the ultrasound probe you need, contact us by filling out a form here or call 317.204.3012.

At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and stock systems from industry-leading OEMs, specifically for the GE Vivid E9 probes.

Looking for a transducer guide for a different system? Check out the GE Logiq E9 Ultrasound Transducer Guide or click here for our full list of guides!

GE Vivid E9 XDClear Transducer Guide

ManufacturerModelTypeFrequencySingle Crystal4DPart NumberCompatible Ultrasounds
GE9L-DLinear3.0-8.0 MHzH40442LMVoluson E6, Voluson E8, Logiq e9, Vivid E9, Vivid E90, Vivid E95, Vivid S60n, Vivid S70n
GEML6-15-DLinear4.5-15.0 MHzLogiq e9, S8, Vivid E9, Voluson E8
GEL6-12-RSLinear6.0-13.0 MHzLogiq F8, Vivid E9, Vivid T8, Logiq V2
GE11L-DLinear3.0-11.0MHzVivid E9, Vivid E90, Vivid E95, Vivid S60n, Vivid S70n
GEP2DPencil2.0 MHzH4830JELogiq e9, Vivid E9, Vivid E90, Vivid E95, Logiq S6, Vivid S60n, Vivid T8
GEP6DPencil6.3 MHzH4830JGLogiq e9, Vivid E9, Vivid E95, Logiq S6, Vivid S60n
GE6S-DSector1.0-5.0 MHzH45021RRLogiq e9, Vivid E9, Vivid E90, Vivid E95, Vivid S60n, Vivid S70n
GEM5SC-DSector1.5-4.6 MHzYesVivid S70n, Vivid E95, Vivid E9, Vivid E90
GE6TcTransesophageal (TEE)2.0-8.0 MHzH45551ZDLogiq e9, Vivid E9, Vivid E90, Vivid E95, Logiq S6
GE6VT-DTransesophageal (TEE)3.0-8.0 MHzYesVivid E9,Vivid S70n,Vivid E95