Free Ultrasound Training on the SonoSite NanoMaxx Portable Ultrasound Machine

Over the next few days I’ll publish a 3-part series of ultrasound training/knobology on the SonoSite NanoMaxx handheld ultrasound machine. The NanoMaxx is a popular ultrasound choice from SonoSite for those looking for a lightweight, bedside point-of-care tablet-style ultrasound machine.

The series is designed to provide an introduction to the features and general usage of the NanoMaxx. It contains most of the features you would receive in a standard applications training/knobology training from an ultrasound professional. However, this training is free.

Complete SonoSite NanoMaxx Training Series:

Part 1: NanoMaxx Introduction and Overview
Part 2: Imaging with the SonoSite NanoMaxx
Part 3: NanoMaxx System Setup and Customization

This is one of many systems in our Medical Ultrasound Training library.

Questions? Comments? Leave me a note below if we can help! Have immediate questions or are you interested in purchasing the SonoSite NanoMaxx? Call today at (877) 661-8224.