Free Ultrasound Training on the SonoScape S9 Portable Ultrasound Machine

Today I’ll begin posting a 7-part series of ultrasound training/knobology on the SonoScape S9 portable ultrasound machine. The S9 is currently SonoScape’s most advanced portable ultrasound machine.

The S9 uses a touchscreen, and while it makes scanning easier, if you choose to get deeper into the system it can start to become a little more complicated.

Also note, that because this is a relatively new ultrasound machine, changes are still being made. Your experience may vary slightly when using the machine due to updates in the future. This training series is based on software level, which is current as of November 2014.

The series is designed to provide an introduction to the features and general usage of the SonoScape S9. It contains most of the features you would receive in a standard applications training/knobology training from an ultrasound professional. However, this training is free!

Complete SonoScape S9 Training Series:

Part 1: S9 Introduction & Overview
Part 2: 2D Imaging
Part 3: Doppler Modes
Part 4: Measurements & Calculations
Part 5: Cine Review & Saving Images
Part 6: System Setup and Customization
Part 7: Image Review & Export

This is one of many systems in our Ultrasound Machine Training library.

Questions? Comments? Leave me a note below if we can help! Have immediate questions or are you interested in purchasing the SonoScape S9? Call today at (877) 661-8224.