Free online video training for the SonoScape S8 portable ultrasound machine

This is a 7-part series covering the SonoScape S8 ultrasound machine.

The links below will take you to the individual parts of this video training series: The SonoScape S8 has excellent image quality and is at an extremely aggressive, affordable price point. With this, however, it’s not the easiest ultrasound to use. It has some quirks and inconsistencies, however, most find after using it for a short while, these quirks are quickly overcome and the value of this system is realized.

Complete SonoScape S8 Training Series:

Part 1: Getting Started with the SonoScape S8
Part 2: Imaging with the SonoScape S8
Part 3: SonoScape S8 Annotations and Measurements
Part 4: SonoScape S8 Doppler Modes
Part 5: Image Optimization and Custom Presets on the SonoScape S8
Part 6: SonoScape S8 System Settings
Part 7: SonoScape S8 Image/Clip Save & Export, Reports

The training is completely free, I hope you find it helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by submitting a comment below.

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