Congratulations Nirvana Maleki

We are excited to award the “Probo Medical Scholarship” to Nirvana Maleki, a research assistant at the University of Texas Austin. The Probo Medical scholarship is awarded to decrease the burden of educational costs for those pursuing degrees in the medical field. We hope to play a small part in helping students achieve their educational goals with this $500 scholarship. In this round of 2022 scholarship applications, we received over 1,000 submissions, making this choice difficult thanks to all the outstanding applicants we had to choose from.

Probo Winner Nirvana

Our scholarship winner has provided the following excerpt as to why affordable and accessible healthcare is important to her. Nirvana said that "while helping others and distributing care product packages during the pandemic, I could lend my voice to reflect the line of underserved communities through the Youth Group of the MTO Shahmaghsoudi to reach other nonprofit organizations by bringing basic life necessities to them. Closely meeting these people who struggled financially and suffered from various illnesses, opened my eyes to lots of people who need knowledgeable healthcare professionals. As future healthcare professionals, it is important to understand perspectives from others with individual experiences and identities as it is the best way to inform care. Hopefully in the future, we can create change slowly to have different and more effective ways of helping those to feel safe as well as bringing comfort and balance into their life. I am extremely grateful and honored to have won the Probo Medical Scholarship and hope to achieve my dreams and goals in the future!"

With the submission of a 1,500-word essay that describes how you want to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, and why doing so is important to you and the world, applicants could enter to win $500 towards school expenses. It's our goal here at Probo to make an impact in the world of healthcare and to make it more easily accessible for all, which means supporting future medical professionals in their educational careers.