We are excited to share that Mission Guatemala, which operates a medical clinic five days a week in San Andrés, received their ultrasound donation of a refurbished Acuson Sequoia. Probo Medical's ultrasound donation program provided underserved communities access to medical equipment and helped Mission Guatemala in their efforts to ensure that no one is denied access to medical care due to a lack of resources.

Lyle Browne, wife of Anthony Browne, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Probo Medical, went on a mission trip to visit the medical clinic in Guatemala in 2019. There she saw the need for a larger and more advanced ultrasound that would allow Mission Guatemala’s clinic to provide the patients with an even higher level of service. After learning that they only had a portable ultrasound machine in their clinic, she coordinated with the non-profit organization to set up the donation of a refurbished Acuson Sequoia. 

“It is remarkable to see the impact that this donated ultrasound has on the community,” said Anthony Brown.

Dr. Lidia, clinic doctor and medical programs supervisor, shares that “Having an ultrasound machine at Mission Guatemala’s clinic has had an incredible impact. We now have this bigger ultrasound machine, one that has much better resolution and capacity, speakers, and many functions that the small portable one did not have. We can now listen to the heart of each baby on the ultrasound, see details such as veins and arteries, save the information from each patient in the system, and, best of all, we can see the images with much greater clarity—which helps me do the examination and makes it more exciting for the mother to see everything clearly!”

Probo Medical’s donation program is committed to donating refurbished ultrasound equipment to underserved communities around the world. Our vision is to provide high-quality, reconditioned ultrasound systems and probes to hospitals and other qualified facilities globally to improve access to life-saving medical imaging. Through 2021 we have donated more than 700 ultrasound systems and probes worldwide, and are looking to help more in the years to come.

Mission Guatemala
probo donates ultrasound machine
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The Acuson Sequoia being delivered to the Missiom Guatemala Clinic and being used to help treat patients.