Portable. Versatile. Low-Cost.

As the low-cost portable ultrasound market becomes more crowded, manufacturers have to find something special to differentiate themselves. While the Chison Q5 isn’t necessarily special, it is different. Chison does a nice job of creating a system from the ground-up, and it doesn’t feel like I’m using a poorly made clone of another manufacturer’s product.

No, Chison is going its own way, and I like it. Is it perfect? No. But it may be perfect for you. Its strengths are versatility and price. The measurement and analysis packages are more diverse than its competitors, which make this a good choice for physicians performing more than just a few quick studies. But that’s not to say it’s not good as a primary unit for something like a PICC line or similar. It can do well for a wide variety of applications. Our sales staff is trained in the differences between different manufacturers and can help you find what’s best.

Chison Q5 Features

The interface is clean, it’s easy to use, and it can do a lot. For the price, it features a near-complete system with its measurement and analysis package, and its versatile selection of transducers. The screen has a very wide viewing angle, which makes it unique in its class. Most of the Q5’s competitors in this price range have a limited viewing angle… the screen gives a “washed out” look when you’re not looking virtually straight-on. The Q5 does not have this degradation in image quality from a wider angle, which makes it very unique in this price range.

Other nice features are the two active probe ports, 2 USB ports, S-Video and VGA video, and Ethernet out.

Image quality is fairly standard for this price range. It’s not the best, but definitely not bad. It’s about what you’d expect for the price and features available on this ultrasound.

You can purchase these new with a good warranty. It’s a very nice system for private practices, small hospitals, Emergency Departments, and that growing market of physicians looking to try ultrasound in their own practice.

Questions? Comments? Leave me a message below. Interested in the Q5? Call us at (877) 661-8224 and speak with one of our sales experts who will help find the best ultrasound for your needs.