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Holter Services

Probo offers the latest Holter monitoring programs and products
Heart rate monitor and patient getting treatment in hospital

Certified Holter Scanning Products & Technical Support

Our staff has experience with all types cardiac equipment solutions to help our customers through step by step support. We offer the latest Holter software analysis programs and services to customize our reporting for you and your team. Our Certified Technicians have years of experience and are ready to provide direct answers to our customers, even for your most critical patients.

Holter Products & Support Offerings:

trident holter product

Tridentâ„¢ Holter Patch

Our highly recommended 3 channel patch

The Tridentâ„¢ Line of Cardiac Monitors is designed to simplify and streamline the hookup process. The Trident is an accurate, reliable, and user-friendly patch monitor designed to provide clear and comprehensive ECG results during Holter and Extended Holter studies.

holter trident

Zymed Holter Recorder

The best Holter recorder on the market

The Philips Zymed Digitrak XT is among the lightest and smallest 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiograph (Holter) monitors available. With 24 Holter recording capabilities, the Zymed Digitrak XT will meet the Holter recording needs of any user. In addition, this recorder includes EASI lead placement and lead connection readings on the screen.

holter zymed
zymed holter product
holter services

Holter Service

Probo Medical Holter services

The Zymed Holter Scanning Service utilizes the latest software that is validated by over 30 databases. The databases are from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and American Health Association. As a result, the software is also validated for accuracy and reliability for over 30 years. The easy to use remote software allows physicians the ability to download and view raw ECG data. Our technicians know to contact the physician when there is a HIGH RISK patient, the data is view-able as its being processed. Our Certified Technicians (US based) create the final reports that are ready to be interpreted to the Physicians.