Hitachi Arietta 50 veterinary ultrasound machine

Hitachi Arietta 50 Vet   

New Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

The New Hitachi Arietta 50 Veterinary Ultrasound is a mid-upper range Vet Ultrasound. As the exclusive dealer for this ultrasound machine, only Probo Medical can offer this new with a 2-year warranty.

This compact mid-range veterinary ultrasound provides excellent image quality at the fraction of the cost of a more premium or equivalent refurbished ultrasound system. It carries the tradition of Aloka veterinary ultrasounds, a name synonymous with quality vet ultrasound.

Key Features

Most notably, this new ultrasound will come with a 2-year warranty, making it a more attractive solution for those looking for a console-based ultrasound.

It’s other key feature is its excellent image quality. This competes against equivalent GE and Mindray vet ultrasound machines, yet it’s available at a lower cost and longer warranty.

The new Arietta 50 features a 21.5″ high contrast LCD monitor, easy-to-use touchscreen panel, and adjustable height/rotation user interface control panel.

Controls on the Arietta 50 can be fully customized, and are designed for simple, easy access to your most commonly used features. Buttons can be labeled and customized to the user’s preferences.

Other Key Features include:

  • High Resolution Imaging
  • eFlow
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • Dynamic Slow-motion Display
  • Silky Image Processing (Speckle Reduction)
  • Multi-Layered Crystal
  • Symphonic Technology
New Veterinary Ultrasound Hitachi Aloka Arietta 50
Hitachi Aloka Arietta 50 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine
New Hitachi Arietta 50 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

Brian Gill's Hitachi Arietta 50 Veterinary Ultrasound Review

As the exclusive dealer of the veterinary Hitachi Arietta 50 ultrasound machine, it’s no surprise that we will tell you how much we like this machine.

But we didn’t decide to be a distributor for this machine simply because it was convenient. We chose to distribute this vet ultrasound because it has great image quality and is more affordable than its GE and Mindray counterparts (GE Logiq S8 R2 and Mindray DC40). You can purchase this unit new from us with a 2-year warranty, and that’s significant.

Also significant is that I tested this with two of Probo Medical’s expert sonographers. The consensus was that this machine provided excellent image quality for the price… two of our key evaluation factors. When it’s added to the warranty and Hitachi’s nationwide service team, it starts to become a no-brainer.

But the Arietta 50 isn’t perfect. For those coming from GE, Mindray, Philips, or Acuson systems… the user interface doesn’t really follow the same general flow. It will take a little extra time to get to be really efficient with the system, but all of us quickly became comfortable with the system after spending a little time with it. We’re confident that anyone can make this transition and is not a large concern when purchasing the system.

For those needing a linear rectal probe, the Arietta 50 does not have this available… which is normal for a console-based vet system. Look to a portable such as the Arietta Prologue for that feature.

In all, we are very pleased and proud to carry the Hitachi Aloka Arietta 50 veterinary ultrasound machine.

Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Hitachi Arietta 50
Hitachi Arietta 50 Vet Keyboard
Aloka Hitachi Arietta 50 Veterinary Ultrasound Monitor

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