Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Machine

Philips Epiq 7   

Refurbished Premium Ultrasound Machine

The refurbished Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound machine is a premium cardiovascular ultrasound machine well-known in the industry for its high-end performance.

It replaces the wildly popular Philips iE33 cardiovascular ultrasound, and also serves as a very good shared service ultrasound. As a refurbished unit, the Philips Epiq 7 price makes it a great bargain for a high-end ultrasound.

The key new technology found on the Epiq 7 is what Philips calls “nSIGHT”. This represents a fairly significant difference in penetration, resolution, and processing power over previous ultrasounds.

Key Features

With improved processing power, beamformers, and parallel-processing abilities, the used Epiq 7 takes advantage of one of the better features found on premium ultrasound machines today: Single Crystal probes.

Philips’ xMATRIX architecture includes PureWave single crystal probes that improve spatial and temporal resolution, while also allowing better penetration through all modalities.

Other features include:

  • Philips Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS) for enhancing the exam experience and improving diagnoses;
  • Real Time iSCAN optimizes gain and TGC automatically
Refurbished Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Machine for sale

Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Review

As the successor to the wildly popular Philips iE33 ultrasound machine, the refurbished Philips Epiq 7 had some big shoes to fill.

This machine did not disappoint when it delivered vastly improved image quality, penetration, processing power, ergonomics, and exam assistants.

Many consider Philips as the ultimate premium ultrasound manufacturer, and they have a very loyal following among their users.

Refurbished Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound

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