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The new Mindray DC-70 X-Insight for sale is a mid-high end shared service ultrasound machine used a full range of applications, which makes it excellent for office and hospital settings. The Mindray DC-70 for sale with X-Insight provides high end imaging, including single crystal probe technology that improve the users accuracy when scanning, making it a more efficient and consistent shared service ultrasound machine. The DC-70 price helps it become a top choice in the mid-upper range ultrasound machines that are available as new equipment. Probo Medical sells the Mindray DC-70 new with a 3-year warranty included.

Key Features

The Mindray DC-70 X-Insight mid-high range system features the following integral benefits to the ultrasound machinery:

  • Auto EF (Ejection Fraction)
  • Single Crystal probes
  • 4D Live imaging with Smart Face Technology
  • iWorks
  • iClear (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • iBeam (Compound Imaging)
  • Stress Echo
  • Smart Planes CNS
  • Smart Track
  • 3t transducer technology
  • 21.5-inch or 23.8-inch high resolution color LED monitor
  • 13.3″ Multi-Touch and Gesture Driven LED touchscreen
  • Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis
  • Elastography
  • iNeedle (Needle Visualization Technology)

The DC-70 X-Insight provides better ergonomics by combining ease-of-use with user friendly solutions, resulting in higher quality exams and better patient focus.

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Mindray DC-70 Ultrasound Review

Our clinical specialists were pleasantly surprised at the performance of the DC-70. Its single-crystal volume 4D obstetric probe make it one of the better values in 4D imaging for “babyface” types of images. Its smartface technology is nice, but really it’s the great probe that take this to a different level against its competitors from Samsung/Medison and GE.

Its shared service capabilities make this a very good choice in offices and clinics needing a versatile ultrasound with great image quality. If budget is a concern, this is an excellent choice as an alternative to GE’s mid-upper range systems. This is especially true because the the DC-70 price comes with a 3-year warranty when purchased from Probo Medical, and authorized dealer for Mindray.

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