Refurbished GE Voluson i For Sale

GE Voluson i   

Refurbished Portable 4D Ultrasound Machine

The refurbished GE Voluson i portable ultrasound machine was the first portable 4D ultrasound… and it is still one of the top performing 4D ultrasounds today. Many sonographers, physicians, radiologists and others prefer this 4D ultrasound machine over those from other manufacturers..

The used Voluson i is versatile and capable of covering almost any application, although its primary function is typically used for Women’s Health and OB/GYN. This is also a popular machine for those performing specialty “babyface” imaging.

Key Features

The GE Voluson i has great imaging while covering a wide range of clinical applications. This machine provides you with you with your most demanding needs in a convenient lightweight (12. 3 lbs/5.7 kg) laptop design.

The Voluson i comes with many advanced features for a portable ultrasound. These include:

  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) and CrossXBeam
  • HD-Flow
  • Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI)

Imaging Features:

  • 3D/4D Live 4D Imaging
  • Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
  • Virtual Organ Computer-aided Analysis (VOCAL)
  • Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC)
  • SonoVCADheart
  • SonoNT
  • SonoVCADlabor
  • SonoAVCfollicle
  • SonoRender Start

Other Features:

  • 15″ LCD Screen
  • Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)
  • Optimized Tissue Imaging (OTI)
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging

The GE Voluson i ultrasound machine can be easily used in fixed exam rooms and also emergency and point-of-care applications.


Refurbished GE Voluson i For Sale
Refurbished GE Voluson I Portable Ultrasound for sale
4D Portable Ultrasound GE Voluson I price

GE Voluson i Ultrasound Machine Review

If you’re looking for a 4D portable ultrasound, the Voluson i is the best place to start. There’s a good reason for that: It’s the best portable 4D ultrasound machine on the market. Even with the new competition on the market, the GE Voluson i continues to have the best frame rates and image quality… even the early versions of the Voluson i are still excellent 4D imaging machines. That being said, there are some up-and-coming 4D portable ultrasound machines that won’t break your pocketbook like the Voluson i. The Voluson i has held its value very well over the years due to its demand and known quality. If this doesn’t make your budget, our sales staff can give you recommendations that will fit your budget.

The Voluson i also can connect an external DVD writer and has VGA video output for an external monitor or connecting to a DVD-Recorder.

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