GE Vivid S70   

Refurbished High-End Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

The refurbished GE Vivid S70 advanced cardiovascular machine provides great image quality, solid frame rates, and great technology in a small package and competitive price.

With its cSound architecture, the Vivid S70 is considered by some as a near-premium ultrasound machine because of its available single-crystal probes. For those who don’t have the need or budget for GE’s premium E-series Vivid ultrasound machines, the S70 provides similar technologies and power for a lower price.

Key Features

Two of the most notable features on the refurbished GE Vivid S70 are its cSound Architecture and 4D TEE capabilities.

cSound is generally reserved for GE’s Expert (E-series) of ultrasound machines, but is offered on the S70 to make it a very competitive system in this price range. The cSound architecture offers improved hardware and software features including single-crystal probes. Single crystal transducers provide better resolution and penetration over standard transducers. The key differences between the S70 and more advanced E-series systems comes down to hardware and processing. The E-series are larger machines that offer more single-crystal probes, higher frame rates, and more premium features and performance.

The 19″ wide HD LCD monitor and the 12” wide touchscreen provide good ergonomics. Its compact size and battery backup allow for easy transport the ultrasound shutting down the ultrasound system.

This refurbished ultrasound machine can also serve as a limited shared-service machine while providing advanced cardiovascular functions and stress echo.

Refurbished GE Vivid S70 Ultrasound Machine price

GE Vivid S70 Ultrasound Review

It’s hard to be the price and performance of this Vivid S70 ultrasound machine. There are few ultrasound machines available at this excellent price that include single crystal probes.

That being said, the limited number of probes available limit the versatility of this machine. Specifically, for each modality it does not offer a broad range of transducers that you would normally find on a mid-upper end ultrasound machine. For those looking for a higher-end refurbished cardiovascular ultrasound machine, the Vivid S70 is something that should be a top consideration.

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