Refurbished GE Vivid iq ultrasound machine for sale

GE Vivid iq   

Refurbished Portable Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

The refurbished GE Vivid iq portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine was the first touchscreen-based premium portable ultrasound machine. Its image quality is like no other portable cardiovascular ultrasound, and the new design provides a surprisingly efficient user experience.

The used GE Vivid iq has image quality that is much improved and more clear than its predecessors (GE Vivid i and GE Vivid q). The architecture is completely redesigned and it is a welcome replacement to the older technologies seen on previous portable cardiac ultrasound machines from GE.

While this is advertised as a premium cardiovascular ultrasound machine, it serves very well as a shared service ultrasound, with excellent MSK and Small Parts imaging, as well as probes and applications for OB/GYN and other imaging modalities.

Key Features

The most obvious feature of the Vivid iq is its complete redesign of hardware and software. But first, let’s talk image quality: Its cardiac image quality is cleaner and less “grainy” than what was seen on previous Vivid portable ultrasound machines. It retains the great contrast notable to Vivid ultrasounds, however, it presents less image artifact and its image resolution and quality is now more similar to GE’s console ultrasound machines. The image quality is outstanding for a portable ultrasound machine, and most techs find the touchscreen interface easy-to-use and intuitive after just a few scans.

The Vivid iq lacks a keyboard and many traditional keys in favor of the versatility of a touchscreen and trackpad. We didn’t find this helpful at first, but after a day’s use, the trackpad/trackball combination was quickly more preferable to the traditional user interface of the Vivid ultrasound machines.

Our video review below discusses more about the Vivid iq, however, the best way to find out if this system is right for you is to contact one of our experts at 317-494-7872.

The GE Vivid iq is a fully featured cardiovascular ultrasound that supports cardiac, vascular, transesophageal (TEE), vascular, venous, fetal, OB/GYN, abdominal, pediatric, small parts, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, and musculoskeletal imaging modes.

Refurbished GE Vivid iq portable cardiac ultrasound machine for sale

Vivid iq Ultrasound Review

The GE Vivid iq is an all new system, but developed based on Vivid I and Q. It is the 2nd generation of GE’s dedicated cardiovascular portable system. Its console design, is a complete redesign, with most controls found on its 15.6″ high resolution display. Its main competitor is the Philips CX50, which was updated after the release of the Vivid iq. The CX50 is significantly larger and “less portable” than the Vivid iq, although most Philips users often prefer to stick with Philips over GE.

Check out our review to find out more about the redesigned Vivid portable ultrasound machine.

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