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GE Logiq F8   

Refurbished Shared Service Ultrasound Machine

The refurbished GE Logiq F8 R2 Shared Service ultrasound machine is an excellent economic choice for those looking for a mid-range ultrasound that can perform full body scans.

The monitor size, user interface and versatile features and performance help the GE Logiq F8 (R2) perform in similar ways to that of the higher-end GE Logiq E9 or other premium ultrasound machines. A used GE Logiq F8 can be found at an excellent price as a refurbished ultrasound machine.

Key Features

The Logiq F8 is referred to as a “premium economy” ultrasound machine, which basically means it’s a mid-range system. Many of its best features, such as workflow and image quality, were derived from GE’s higher end E-series of Logiq ultrasound machines. This is also well known as a urology ultrasound machine.

Standard features include Speckle Reduction and CrossXBeam for better contrast and image resolution. For workflow, standard features include Auto Optimization, Scan Assistant, and Scan Coach. Advanced features are often included on refurbished systems from Probo Medical, such asS Elastography, AutoIMT, 3D/4D obstetric Imaging, Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) with Q analysis, and B-Steer

GE Logiq F8 Ultrasound Review

Low budget and not sure what to buy? In general, this is one of those catch-all machines that can provide you whatever you need, while also presenting great image quality.

We like the F8 for its versatility and price point. It has one of the strongest Price/Performance ratios for shared service ultrasound machines. This is great for an ER, smaller hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

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