GE Logiq e9 R2 with XDclear for Sale

GE Logiq E9 XDclear 2.0

Refurbished Premium Ultrasound Machine


The refurbished GE Logiq E9 with XDclear 2.0 is GE’s second revision of the popular premium general purpose radiology ultrasound machines. The GE Logiq E9 2.0 and its previous version, GE Logiq E9, are similar systems with each featuring its single crystal probe technology that provides outstanding image resolution. The GE Logiq E9 with XDclear 2.0 adds the transducers C2-7-D, C2-7VN-D, C3-10-D, and L3-9i-D that are improved versions of previous transducers on the Logiq E9.

Key Features

The Logiq E9 2.0 with XDclear features excellent image quality, particularly with its single crystal XDclear transducers. These provide a step above traditional transducer technology, improving on spatial and temporal resolution. It can also serve as a shared service ultrasound with 4D obstetrics, allowing it to be a top performer and workhorse in nearly any environment. Users are most impressed with its resolution and penetration, allowing for better diagnosis in difficult-to-image patients. Shear Wave and Strain elastography are available as options and found on many systems. Two versions of monitors are available as well, with the 22″ OLED display carrying a higher resolution over its standard 19″ high resolution LED display. Its 10.4″ touchscreen display has an intuitive design and provides a good workflow.

Refurbished GE Logiq E9 R2 XDclear for Sale

GE Logiq E9 2.0 with XDclear Review

The GE Logiq E9 was replaced by the GE Logiq E10, which at the time of this writing, is arguably the best refurbished ultrasounds we’ve tested. That being said, the availability of the E10 on the refurbished market has made the Logiq E9 2.0 among the best deals on the ultrasound market. This shared service system remains among the top ultrasounds on the market and should strongly be considered for those looking for a premium ultrasound at a reasonable price.

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