Chison ECO 6 Portable Ultrasound For Sale

Chison ECO6   

Affordable Portable Ultrasound Machine

The Chison ECO6 portable ultrasound machine is a top competitor among the low cost market. With Speckle Reduction, AutoIMT, Compound Imaging, Needle Visualization, Harmonics, and solid image quality, the Chison ECO6 offers a powerful performance for a great price. A major improvement from its predecessor and what sets it apart from other systems in its realm is that the Chison ECO6 is the first ultrasound machine under $10,000 to have usable color.

Key Features

Chison looked to improve its ECO line of products by creating a machine with features more competitive with mid-range ultrasound systems. Chison was successful. Our tests show the ECO6 to have better image quality, not to mention it includes added features like Triplex, Color Power Doppler, B-Steer, and the aforementioned AutoIMT and Needle Visualization technologies.

It takes a lot of processing power to provide good, smooth color Doppler while also showing a decent 2D image. The ECO6 manages good color Doppler that can provide diagnostic results. Although the color is a major improvement from the ECO5 to the ECO6 and sets the ECO6 apart in the market, it’s not perfect for vascular. But if your budget is restricted, it is the best system available for you.

The Chison ECO6 features a clear, crisp 12-inch LED monitor that has a much wider viewing angle than the LCDs you find on other ultrasound machines in this price range.

Additionally, Chison notes that the ECO6 is fit for the following applications:

  • Abdominal
  • OB/GYN
  • Urology
  • Cardiac
Chison ECO 6 Portable Ultrasound For Sale
Chison ECO6 Portable Ultrasound For Sale
Chison ECO 6 Portable Ultrasound For Sale

Chison ECO6 Review

Chison has always created great machines for the low-end market. Now, they’re incorporating their advanced technologies while still keeping the price point down.

There aren’t a lot of machines in this price range that feature color Doppler, reliability and solid imaging performance, and the Chison ECO6 is a nice performer.

Simply, the Chison ECO6 is easy to use and one of the most versatile machines in its price range.

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