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Terason uSmart 3200T

Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The used Terason uSmart 3200t is a tablet-style portable color Doppler ultrasound machine designed for the point-of-care bedside ultrasound market.

This handheld ultrasound weighs less than 5lbs and uses gestures and touch operation much like a tablet or touchscreen computer. With Terason’s well-known unique beamforming microprocessor technology, the refurbished Terason uSmart 3200t provides excellent image quality with an efficient workflow and easy use.

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The uSmart 3200t excels in superficial ultrasound imaging and takes advantage of wireless connectivity, a large internal solid state hard drive, and connectivity options that include an EMR interface. The uSmart 3200t also features tissue harmonic imaging and Terason’s compound and speckle reduction imaging technologies.

A CW Doppler option allows the uSmart 3200t to operate in shared services environments, allowing the uSmart to be used in nearly every clinical environment.

DICOM Options

Structured Reports


4.85 lbs, 9" x 13" x 1.25"



Export Options



Strain, Tissue Doppler, Tissue Harmonics

HDD Size

480 GB

Imaging Modes



"11.6"" High-Resolution LCD"







Terason has long been known for great superficial imaging in phlebology, needle guidance, MSK, and other studies where the physician typically performs the ultrasound machine. It’s ease-of-use and functionality make the uSmart 3200t one of the better tablet-style handheld ultrasound machines on the market.

ENV is Terason’s Enhanced Needle Visualization Technology, allowing for better visualization in needle-guidance procedures.

OmniBeam is also known as compound imaging, where multiple lines of sight are used to better improve contrast resolution and image quality. It reduces artifact and provides better tissue visualization.

TeraVision II is Terason’s speckle reduction imaging technology software.

This is also known as panoramic imaging.

DDR on the uSmart 3200t allows for higher resolution images throughout all depths. The uSmart 3200t automatically uses the highest available frequencies throughout the image to acquire the best resolution possible.

Yes, the 3200t was designed to be used like a tablet-style computer, allowing for gestures and other typical touchscreen operations.

Yes, the Terason uSmart 3200t has Triplex imaging for Spectral, Color, and 2D simultaneous imaging.

“Point of Care” ultrasound machine refers to the practice of using an ultrasound at bedside or in situations where a cart-based ultrasound can’t be transported or used easily . This includes surgery, emergency medicine, Intensive Care (ICU) and musculoskeletal care.

The uSmart 3200t uses ENV, or enhanced needle visualization. Ultrasounds designed for needle guidance use a beam-steering technology to try and get the ultrasound beam perpendicular to the needle, thereby improving visualization of the needle.

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Terason uSmart 3200T FAQ's