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GE Voluson SWIFT

Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The GE Voluson SWIFT is a cart-based, high-performance 3D/4D ultrasound machine that was designed to simplify the OB/GYN scanning process. The touch screen interface is easy to use and within a few uses, you’ll be scanning patients without the learning curve due to its simplified interactions and optimized key layout. The personalization presets on the SWIFT paired with its customizable menus and workflow settings allow for a unique exam experience that gives the user more time to spend with their patients. With the assistance of its AI automation tools, this technology will make image acquisition and reporting more consistent and improve efficiencies.

With its easy-to-use AI automation and advanced technologies, the GE Voluson SWIFT makes for effortless scanning. This advanced innovation in the women’s healthcare line has enabled users to complete customization of the scanning experience. You’ll feel confident when completing exams with this machine as its capabilities make it easier than ever to save and find your favorite presets.

The SWIFT has three probe ports so there’s little need to spend time switching out transducers. The GE Voluson Swift provides the user with the following key benefits:

  • SonoLyst
  • HDlive
  • SonoBiometry
  • Flow Profiles
  • SonoCNS
  • SonoAVC Follicle 
  • SonoAVCantral2.0
  • Uterine Trace
  • Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI A)


We were pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Voluson SWIFT. To be fair, our expectations weren’t really high, however, it lives up to the Voluson name pretty well in this price range.¬†

Don’t be misled by its simplified user interface.¬†

Before I get into the review, however, this is not a truly portable ultrasound like the Voluson i. It’s a lightweight cart system and really easy to move around, but you can’t pick it up and carry it away. It’s not that¬†lightweight. But it is definitely easy to move around the office or hospital. It is not good for 4D mobile studios because you’ll need a larger van and some muscles to move this around (not recommended)!

Customers for the Voluson SWIFT fall in the range of offices and hospitals. In a hospital, you’ll find it in Labor and Delivery because it’s extremely easy to move around. It is also very easy to learn and doesn’t require much training at all.

For offices, it’s a very good OB/GYN system at a solid price. Small footprint, easy to use, solid image quality. Not a risky investment.

The SWIFT sits among many different machines in this crowded OB/GYN market. Consider the SWIFT if you’re looking for a smaller, lightweight solution than a standard console unit.

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