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Siemens Somatom Emotion 16


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The Siemens Somatom Emotion 16 is incredibly compact and needs only 18 square meters of floor space. The Emotion 16 provides high quality images with minimal life-cycle cost. In addition, you will also have access to a wide range of clinical applications.

The Emotion 16 has been designed with a 70 cm aperture, a 50 cm scan field and a patient table that can hold patients up to 440 pounds. The Emotion 16 offers on-the-fly reconstruction of up to 16 images per second. A powerful and cost-effective scanner, the Emotion 16 will allow your clinic to perform routine exams as well as detailed and high resolution exams.

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The Siemens Somatom Emotion 16 has many key features including:

  • Wide range of clinical applications
  • Fast and efficient – 0.6s rotation time
  • Multislice UFC™ detector
  • Dura 422 MV X-ray tube


  • “Typical” installation
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Refurbished System

Available Options & Service Plans:

  • On-site applications training
  • Discounted multi-year service agreements
  • Safe CT – A Low Dose Software Solution
  • XR-29 Solution
  • Full Service
  • PM-Only
  • T&M
  • First Call
  • Shared Risk

Slice Count


Gantry Aperture (cm)


Heat Storage (MHU)


Tube Cooling


kW Output


mA Range

20 to 345

Max Load Capacity


Reconstruction Matrices

512 x 512

Suggested Room Size (m2)


The Siemens Somatom Emotion 16 boasts 1472 active effective detector channels and the smallest focal spot size in its class, meaning you’ll receive advanced image clarity and diagnostic precision. The fine detector collimation further enhances the detail and accuracy of images produced, ensuring healthcare professionals can make informed diagnostic decisions. A notable feature is the CT storage box, designed to streamline the preparation process and improve efficiency during patient positioning. Despite its advanced capabilities, the Somatom Emotion maintains a space-saving design, requiring only 18 square meters of total space, making it an attractive option for facilities with limited space. The scanners are characterized by their efficiency and high throughput, coupled with superior image quality that supports reliable diagnoses. 

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