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GE Discovery 690


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The GE 690 is equipped with advanced technologies and offers reliable and fast imaging results, streamlining your workflow and elevating patient care. With its exceptional image clarity and diagnostic accuracy, the GE 690 is an elevated system for healthcare professionals looking to receive precise imaging capabilities. Its innovative technologies allow for speed and accuracy, making the GE 690 PET/CT a valuable investment for any medical facility looking for optimal patient outcomes.

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The GE 690 PET/CT system provides the following key features:

  • High-Definition Imaging: With its advanced PET/CT imaging capabilities, the GE 690 provides high-resolution images that assist in precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Speed and Comfort: Efficient scan times enhance patient comfort, while reducing motion artifacts and improving throughput.
  • Innovative Technologies: Incorporating technology such as Time-of-Flight (ToF) and MotionFree techniques, the GE 690 improves image quality and lesion detectability.
  • Quantitative Accuracy: Deliver consistently accurate quantitative measurements, vital for treatment planning and therapy response assessments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design streamlines the scanning process, making operation swift and straightforward.
  • Flexibility: Capable of performing a broad range of PET/CT studies, from oncology and neurology to cardiology applications.


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