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Probo Medical is proud to support healthy pregnancies by offering sales, service, rental and repair on new and certified refurbished ultrasound equipment. We have the world’s largest inventory of equipment from all brands and, through our relationship with GE, our team specializes in women’s health ultrasound equipment. We are pleased to offer NIFLA members cost-effective, multi-vendor ultrasound equipment, repair services, and applications training to Pregnancy Medical Clinics.

We have a dedicated team for Pregnancy Resource Centers: Barb Sheriff and Glenn Josephik. They recommended these top machines for pregnancy resource centers with the assistance of our ultrasound expert, Brian Gill. Email [email protected] or call us for more information on these systems and consultation on which machine is best for your practice!

  • Chison ECO3: There are a few very convenient items regarding the Chison ECO3 portable ultrasound system. First, you can purchase it new with 2 transducers for a very low cost. Second, it’s the only black and white system that also includes PW Doppler, which can play the baby’s heartbeat through the ultrasound’s speakers. Third, you can purchase it new with a 3-year warranty. If you’re looking for a basic low-cost black and white system, the ECO3 is the best choice available.
  • Chison ECO6: As part of the ECO series, the portable Chison ECO6 is also a low-cost ultrasound machine that can be purchased new with a 3-year warranty. The key differences between the ECO3 and the ECO6 are: The ECO6 has noticeably better 2D imaging and it also has color Doppler. While the color Doppler is not great for vascular work, it does a decent job of allowing you to see flow.
  • GE Logiq P5: As a refurbished machine, the GE Logiq P5 provides an outstanding value as a reliable system with great image quality at a very low price. This is a cart-based console system that provides better ergonomics than a portable system, has advanced imaging features, and a 4D option is also available. This is the best value console-based machine on a limited budget.
  • GE Logiq V2: Designed specifically for OB/GYN and Labor and Delivery, the Logiq V2 is a laptop-style portable ultrasound that provides solid performance at a low cost. It has a full range of features and the image quality is similar to its more advanced laptop-style ultrasounds, such as the GE Logiq e. Most choose this machine over the Logiq e because it’s a great value and doesn’t have a lot of bells-and-whistles that you don’t need in an OB/GYN setting.

  • GE Logiq F8: This is the most advanced ultrasound in the group, the Logiq F8 console machine has a nice mixture of advanced imaging features with a low price. The F8 has many of the technologies found on the advanced GE “Expert” series of ultrasound machines. This is a great choice if you’re looking for the best image quality, most features, and solid 4D imaging.

All systems listed have advanced imaging technologies, such as Compound Imaging, harmonics, and Speckle Reduction Imaging. All have PW Doppler and only the Chison ECO3 does not have color Doppler. These are listed by prices from lowest to highest, with the most expensive machine landing in the upper teens, depending on the configuration.

Please email [email protected] or call us for more information on these systems and consultation on which machine is best for your practice!

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