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Probo Medical Pregnancy Resource Center Team

Probo Medical developed a dedicated department focused on Pregnancy Resource Centers because we are proud to support healthy pregnancies. From applications training to guiding you towards the right ultrasound for your needs, Probo Medical’s team knows how to serve you best.

Probo Medical Pregnancy Resource

What We Offer

New & Refurbished from All Brands

Probo Medical has the world’s largest inventory of ultrasound equipment from all major manufacturers. Meaning, we are focused on getting you the system you need at the right price, not selling you a specific brand.

Ultrasound Sales, Service, Rental, and Repair

As a world leader in ultrasound, we offer all services you would need for your equipment. For financial flexibility and short-term needs, we even offer rentals on most of our equipment for any length of time.

Dedicated PRC Team

Our goal is to simplify purchasing an ultrasound for your clinic, so we have put together a team experienced in assisting Pregnancy Resource Centers. They can offer applications training, are RDMS certified, and are familiar with grants including OUP, KOC, and Preborn and more.

Probo Medical's PRC Team

Zoe Chester Probo Medical PRC Team
Zoe Chester – Director of PRC Accounts & Applications

For the past 14 years, Zoe has specialized as a diagnostic sonographer and trainer in the OBGYN field. Her passion for helping others through ultrasound led to donating machines to underserved areas of Africa and Peru where she traveled to teach the local medical staff basic OBGYN sonography skills. This is where she learned the importance of ultrasound in saving babies’ lives. Having volunteered her scanning skills for Focus on the Family at the “Alive from New York” event and for NIFLA workshops, Zoe continues to actively seek ways to educate and support the pro-life mission.

Barb Sheriff Probo Medical PRC Team
Barb Sheriff – Director of Ultrasound Applications

Barb has been an RDMS for 32 years and has worked in the field as a sonographer for 26 of those. She knew it was a special privilege to introduce expectant mothers and fathers to their unborn baby and understood what a powerful tool it was for those who are working with women in crisis pregnancies. When she left the clinical setting and entered sales in 2015, she made it her mission to partner with organizations who were helping pregnancy centers so that together they could support those who were on the frontlines with quality, cost-effective equipment. She is also passionate about writing articles that share practical scanning tips for nurses who are doing the ultrasound exams.

Glenn Josephik Probo Medical PRC Team
Glenn Josephik – Sales Executive

For the past 9 years, Glenn’s mission has been to drive down worldwide healthcare expenses by providing low-cost ultrasound equipment and repair solutions. Well before starting a career in ultrasound, Glenn advocated and acted as a voice for the unborn. Now by working hand-and-hand with centers and organizations across the world that mission has become a daily practice.

Recommended PRC Ultrasound Systems

After analyzing the needs of pregnancy centers and extensive testing in our luminary PRC’s, our team recommends these top machines.

GE Voluson E8
GE Voluson E8

The GE Voluson E8 set the standard for excelled OB/GYN and 4D imaging, which is why it’s one of the most popular 4D ultrasound machines available today. What makes this machine exceptional is that some versions feature HDLive imaging, which provides a virtual light source that can be “moved” by the user to create shadows on the face. The HDLive technology has since been recreated by other manufacturers because shows it an incredibly realistic view of the baby. The GE Voluson E8 has everything you need for an excellent and comprehensive imaging experience for you and your patients.

GE Voluson P8

If you’re searching for a machine that performs high-quality 4D imaging and is within a tight budget, the GE Voluson P8 is a great option for you. It was designed as an entry-level 4D ultrasound system with the premium 4D image made famous by the GE Voluson ultrasound series. Although the Voluson P8 comes equipped with many of the advanced technologies of the S- and E-series Voluson ultrasound machines, it does exclude some of the higher-end features that are not as frequently used in more budget-challenged environments to create this affordable women’s health option. Nonetheless, it is an excellent option for many clinics and is one of our most popular products.

Refurbished mindray dc 70

Mindray DC-70

A mid-high range option for women’s health ultrasound is the Mindray DC-70. Mindray has improved their features to compete with popular OEMs, including iLive which creates a realistic 4D image of the fetus. The DC-70 also includes MedSight technology, which transfers images and cine clips to iOS or Android phones or tablets. These, and many other features, make the Mindray DC-70 a great option for clinics, offices, and hospital use.

Samsung HS40

The Samsung-Medison HS40 delivers excellent image uniformity across all image fields, including OB/GYN. Realistic Vue is Samsung’s leading 3D/4D technology on the market and is a strong fetal-maternal bonding tool. The HS40 also supports 5D NT and 5D Follicle and XI STIC and 3D XI features, which increase the physician’s diagnostic confidence during pre-gestation to pregnancy stages. With its great OB/GYN focused features and Samsung’s historically easy-to-use interface, this system is a great option for Pregnancy centers.

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