Philips CX50 Transducer Guide

The Philips CX50 is available for sale on our partner website Ultrasound Supply. This CompactXtreme ultrasound machine is a revolution in portable imaging capabilities equipped with easy and quick ways to produce a quality image. And by using the Philips CX50 transducer guide, you can better understand your system and the probes it needs for the services you want to provide.The Philips CX50 all white ultrasound machine is equppled with advanced technology and screen capability to provide quality images.

Designed for portability and usability, the CX50 ultrasound can be easily transported to the patient in surgery, the ICU, or used in satellite clinics. Physicians and imaging technicians will enjoy the choice of mounting it in patient’s rooms, on a hand cart, or to be carried from exam room to exam room.

How to Purchase Philips CX50 Ultrasound Probes

Use the Philips CX50 ultrasound transducer guide below for reference and when you find the ultrasound probe you need, contact us by filling our contact form or calling us at 317.204.3012 to learn more about philips cx50 pricing.

At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and stock systems from industry-leading OEM’s. Our mission is to deliver the perfect probes and systems at a wholesale cost to every customer, every time.

Also, if you are looking for a transducer guide for a different system then feel free to review our full list!

Philips CX50 Transducer Guide

 Probe NameBandwidthFOV
C5-11-5 MHz70°
C8-55-8 MHz90°
C10-3v5-8 MHz130°
Curved Intraoperative
C9-3io3-9 MHz
L12-33-12 MHz
L12-5 50mm5-12 MHz
L15-7io5-15 MHz
L10-4lap4-10 MHz
S5-11-5 MHz
S8-33-8 MHz90°
S12-44-12 MHz90°
Matrix TEE
X7-2t2-7 MHz
D2cwc2 MHz
D5cwc5 MHz

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