Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound Transducer Guide

The Philips Affiniti 70 is a next-generation ultrasound, following the success of the company’s Epiq series. The Affiniti 70 offers slightly more technology than other Philips models, such as Shear Wave Elastography and Strain elastography. It also runs a few different probes.

To maximize the imaging capabilities of your Affinit 70 ultrasound, use our guide below to find compatible probes based on probe name, bandwidth, radius curvature, and other details to provide the clinical services you offer.

About the Affiniti 70 System

The Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasound offers rich image quality at an affordable price. This system specializes in cardiac, OB-GYN and vascular imaging applications, when it’s equipped with the right probes. If you wish to purchase a refurbished system, you can shop for the Affiniti 70 on Ultrasound Supply, a partner company of Probo Medical.

If you currently own the Affiniti 70 and only need new probes for it, read below for buying information.Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasound machine

How to Buy Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound Probes

Use our transducer guide below to find the right equipment for your Affiniti 70 ultrasound. When you identify the probes you need, please contact a Probo Medical representative to place your order by contacting us online or calling 317-204-3012. At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and systems from industry-leading OEMs at low costs to every customer, every time.

Need a transducer for a different ultrasound system? View for our full list of probe guides.

Philips Affiniti 70 Transducer Guide

 Probe NameBandwidthRadius CurvatureFOV  
C9-4v4-9 MHz10mmR181°
C10-4ec4-10 MHz8mmR147°
Bi-plane Endocavitary
B10-5ec5-10 MHz68.8mmR150°
PureWave Endocavitary
C10-3v3-10 MHz11.5mmR163°
C6-22-6 MHz10mmR63.7°
C8-55-8 MHz14mmR122°
PureWave Microconvex
C9-22-9 MHz45mmR102°
PureWave Convex
C5-11-5 MHz45mmR111°
4D Convex
V6-22-6 MHz55mmR100° x 85° volume
4D Endocavitary
3D9-v3-9 MHz26.1mm156° x 85° volume
4D Linear
VL13-55-13 MHz38.4mm38 mm x 30° volume
L18-55-18 MHz38.9mm
L12-5 505-12 MHz50mm
L12-33-12 MHz38mm
L12-44-12 MHz34mm
Intraoperative Linear
L15-7io7-15 MHz23mm
Cardiac Sector
S4-22-4 MHz5mm
PureWave Cardiac Sector
S5-11-5 MHz20.3mm
Pediatric Cardiac Sector
Neonatal Cardiac Sector
S12-44-12 MHz9.78
Pediatric TEE transesophegeal
S7-3t3-7 MHz5mm
xMATRIX TEE transesophegeal
X7-2t2-7 MHz
D5cwc5 MHz
D2cwc2 MHz
D2tcd2 MHz

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