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Acuson S2000 Transducer Guide


The Acuson S2000 ultrasound system is a top of the line model that can handle a wide array of applications from abdominal to vascular to OB/GYN and more. This advanced system offers 2D, 3D, 4D and Doppler imaging.

About the Acuson S2000

With an intuitive, user-centric interface, the used Siemens Acuson S2000 streamlines workflow that eliminates keystrokes and reduces repetitive motions that can cause Repetitive Stress Injuries.

Use the Acuson S2000 ultrasound transducer guide below for reference and when you find the ultrasound probe you need, contact us by filling out a form here or call 866-513-8322 to find an unmatched price for the Acuson S2000 ultrasound machine.

At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and stock systems from industry-leading OEM’s.

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Probe NameDescriptionApplicationBandwidth
7CF2Wide bandwidth curved array volume transducer.Abdomen, Fetal Echo, OBGYN, Pelvis, Renal2-7 MHz
6C2Curved vector format Abdomen, Fetal Echo, OBGYN, Pelvis, Peripheral, Vascular, Renal2-6 MHz
4C1Curved vector formatAbdomen, Fetal Echo, OBGYN, Pelvis, Renal 1-4.5 MHz
9EVF4Wide bandwidth endovaginal volume transducer. Early OB, Fetal Echo, OBGYN4-9 MHz
EC9-4Lightweight transducer with flexible cable. Early OB, OBGYN3.75-9 MHz
EV-8C4Tightly curved format with wide field of view Early OB, OBGYN4-9 MHz
4P1Lightweight transducer with flexible cable Abdomen, Fetal Echo, OBGYN, Pelvis, Renal 1-4.5 MHz
8V3Vector imaging format Fetal Echo2.5-8 MHz
4V1User selectable MultiHertz Imaging
Abdomen, Fetal Echo, OBGYN, Pelvis, Renal 1-4.5 MHz
18L6 HDHanafy lens transducer technology Breast, musculoskeletal, peripheral vascular, thyroid 5.5-1.8 MHz
14L5 SPLightweight transducer with flexible cable Breast, Musculoskeletal, Thyroid 5-14 MHz
14L5Multi-D matrix transducer
Breatss, Musculoskeletal, OBGYN, Peripheral, Vascular, Thyroid5-14 MHz
9L4Lightweight transducer with flexible cable Breast, Musculoskeletal, OBGYN, Pelvis, Peripheral, Vascular, Renal, Thyroid 4-9 MHz