The GE Logiq line of ultrasound equipment is GE’s General Imaging line of ultrasound systems. The Logiq systems can help you provide ultrasound services across a wide variety of applications, including radiology, vascular, breast, interventional, MSK, and point-of-care. The Premium console systems of this line are the GE Logiq E9 & Logiq E10. The GE Logiq E9 has been a time-tested favorite premium shared-service and radiology ultrasound system from GE since its release in 2010. Since then, the Logiq E9 has been updated and revised multiple times. The most up-to-date version of the E9 is the GE Logiq E9 with XDClear 2.0 (or R6), but we still stock earlier revisions, like the R3. Find out more on the differences between the most recent versions of the GE Logiq E9 and figure out which system is best for your practice and your budget.

GE Logiq E9 R3, Starting at $15,000.00GE Logiq E9 R3

The GE Logiq E9 R3 (BT10-BT12 software levels) is the oldest Logiq E9 system that we stock and support. The biggest differentiator between the E9 R3 and its successors is that XDClear is not an option, meaning this Logiq E9 cannot run GE’s XDClear probes. It also cannot perform live 4D ultrasounds. However, the R3 will still do fatty tissue and liver elastography as well as make needle injections easier with GE’s B-Steer+ technology, as long as you have the latest hardware upgrade. If you want the XDClear option and 4D, you will need to upgrade to the GE Logiq E9 R4.

GE Logiq E9 R4

GE Logiq E9 R4, Starting at $22,000.00

The R4 revision of the Logiq E9 ultrasound system has the XDClear is an option. However, it is not standard. To run XDClear probes, like the GE C1-6-D or GE C5-9-D, the “Advanced Probes” option must be enabled. GE’s E9 R4 will also do Elastography, has B-Steer+, and can do Live 4D imaging. Like the R3, the R4 is a great shared service system. It will do the most basic applications and scans. However, if you want to do Shearwave elastography and utilize GPS logging for your scans, you’ll need to upgrade to the GE Logiq E9 R5 with the appropriate hardware.

GE Logiq E9 with XDClear (R5), Starting at $26,000.00GE Logiq E9 R5 XDClear

A major benefit that the GE Logiq E9 with XDClear (or the R5 revision) has over the R4 is that the XDClear “Advanced Probe” option is a standard option. GE’s E9 R5 will perform fatty tissue, liver, and shearwave elastography, has B-Steer+, Live 4D, and provides GPS logging for your scans. Between the R3, R4, and R5, you won’t notice much of an external physical difference. The biggest difference from a physical perspective is internal hardware upgrades that allow it to run higher-end exams, like shearwave elastography. However, if you do want the upgraded screen and cross-modality compatibility, you will need to update to the latest version of the Logiq E9, the R6, or XDClear 2.0 model.

GE Logiq E9 R5 XDClearGE Logiq E9 with XDClear 2.0 (R6), Starting at $38,000.00

The GE Logiq E9 with XDClear 2.0 (or the R6 revision) is updated with more probes, like the C2-9vn-D, an improved high-definition wide-screen OLED monitor and a different color scheme. The XDClear 2.0 E9 is more distinguishable from its predecessors. Compared to the R5, the XDClear 2.0 has 22%* more contrast, 99%* improved spatial resolution and 170%* more image information. It has 3D volume navigation capabilities, and can even transfer images from other imaging modalities and overlay them with the current ultrasound exam. The E9 R6 allows you to select from E-Series and XDclear probes, with wide bandwidth that enables a range of exams to be performed with one probe. This was truly the best Logiq system on the market before GE launched its new flagship shared service system, the GE Logiq E10.

High-Performance Probes Include:

The biggest difference in the E9 XDClear 2.0 and the E10 is that the GE Logiq E10 is built on GE’s cSound platform, which utilizes an advanced digital image former, working in tandem with even more E-series and XDClear probes to produce even more extraordinary images.

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*= All performance data provided by the manufacturer and based on the performance of previous models. Performance speeds may vary.

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