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Released in 2008, the Philips CompactXtreme 50, or CX50, is one of the only portable ultrasound system available from Philips, excluding the InnoSight and the Lumify line. Also available is the CX30, which is a feature-reduced version of the Philips CX50, but the CX30 never really caught on with end-users in the United States due to its poor performance in the field. The CX50 is great for a wide variety of applications and across many operating environments. Its size, maneuverability, ease of use, and premium performance make it a great choice for physicians who need portability and performance. Currently, there are four revisions of the CX50 available, the Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C, and the new CX50. Read below to learn the differences between these four portable ultrasound systems from Philips and learn which is best for you.


The Rev.A is the first version of the Philips CX50 released. These Rev.A’s were released between 2008 and 2012. Since this is the oldest revision of the CX50, it is certainly more affordable than the Rev.B and Rev.C versions. However, with the Rev.A you don’t get the probe compatibility that you get with the Rev.B and Rev.C, and there were also a few hardware bugs that a lot of physicians had issues with, which were remedied with the Rev.B hardware revision of the CX50.

Rev.BPhilips CX50 For Sale

The Rev.B revision of the CX50 was released between 2012 and 2013. You’ll notice that the Rev.B looks identical to the Rev.C on the outside. However, this revision of the CX50 gets new internal hardware for faster processing and better imaging, as well as some Bug improvements from the Rev.A hardware. The Rev.B can also be configured to run the Philips X7-2t TEE probe, but you won’t be able to utilize xMATRIX without the Rev.C hardware revision.


The Rev.C revision of the CX50 was released after 2013. Again, the Rev.C is practically identical to the Rev.A and Rev.B revisions of the CX50 in physical appearance. However, it also gets a major hardware upgrade from Rev.B, bringing xMatrix to the Rev.C CX50 with a new User Interface that has the XYZ controls that allow for properly utilizing the xMATRIX feature. This is the biggest difference between this CX50 and the previous versions. The Rev.C CX50 can run the Philips X7-2t 4D Transesophageal (TEE) ultrasound transducer to fully utilize xMATRIX and 3D/4D transesophageal ultrasound. The Rev.C CX50 was the standard for portable cardiac ultrasound from Philips until it was replaced by the Rev.D revision in 2018.

Rev.D | The New CX50New Philips CX50 portable cardiac ultrasound system

The Rev.D hardware revision of the CX50 was released in 2018 along with the new line of Philips Epiq ultrasound machines. The biggest difference you’ll notice between this CX50 and its predecessors is that the new CX50 has a black monitor as opposed to the white monitor sported by the previous three revisions. Other than cosmetically, the biggest hardware difference between the Rev.C and Rev.D CX50 ultrasound machines is the Rev.D gets new channel boards for improved imaging capabilities.

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