The GE Vivid Signature-Series cardiac ultrasound machines are robust, portable console-based ultrasound systems. These systems are targeted at cardiologists and physicians who need a powerful system but don’t have space for a large system. Vivid S60 & S70 are improvements on the GE Vivid S5 and GE Vivid S6. The main difference between the S5 and S6 and the S60 and S70 are updated internals, hardware, and GE’s new cSound technology. Where the Vivid S5 and S6 still use traditional hardware-based beamformers, the Vivid S60 and S70 use GE’s cSound software-based image reconstruction platform. Learn more about the differences between the Vivid S60 and the Vivid S70 below and see which powerful cardiology ultrasound system is best for you!

GE Vivid S60

GE’s Vivid S60 is your new entry-level cardiology ultrasound system in the Vivid Signature-Series ultrasound system line. The console-based system has an extremely small footprint. The S60 and S70 are targeted at physicians who want to reduce the amount on non-diagnostic exams required to properly diagnose their patients.


Software & Features

GE Vivid S70

Other than the price, the GE Vivid S70 is very similar to the S60. As you can see below, the hardware and software features of the GE Vivid S70 is almost identical to the Vivid S60. The main hardware difference is that the GE Vivid S70 can support 4D TEE with the GE 6VT-D ultrasound transducer. The S70 can also run the GE M5Sc-D adult cardiac transducer, whereas the S60 can only run the GE 3Sc-D.

HardwareGE Vivid S70 TEE Cardiac Ultrasound Machine

Software & Features

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Need Probes for Your Robust, Portable Cardiac System?

If you’re looking for ultrasound transducers for your robust GE Vivid S60 or S70 ultrasound system, our ultrasound probe partner, Probo Medical, has you covered! You can find the GE Vivid S70 transducer guide there as well. Feel free to give them a call at 1-317-759-9210 or email them at [email protected] to get assistance.

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