Navigating all the possible ultrasound system options can be overwhelming. There are many features that can benefit your practice, but which ones are of most value to you? We believe that GE HDlive technology provides the most realistic image for women’s health imaging. HDlive is the most advanced imaging feature and provides your patients a personal experience with their unborn baby. The detail it captures and projects enhances the baby’s features to look more lifelike than ever before! It can also be used for increased clarity of vascular structures and heart flow to better facilitate a more complete understanding of exam results.

What is HDlive?

HDlive is a rendering method that produces extraordinarily realistic images of the human fetus and other structures from sonographic data. By using an advanced illumination model, HDlive HDlivesupports advanced skin rendering techniques, shadows, and a virtual light source. This technology utilizes the leading image quality provided by the most recent generation of beamforming technology, speckle reduction algorithms, and compound resolution imagines technologies. The picture featured is an example of how life-like the fetus looks inside a mother’s womb.

Conventional rendering methods used a fixed virtual light source which simply reflects light off of the skin surface. HDlive instead calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue. As the light source enters the body, a portion of the light is reflected and the rest passes through the area of interest. As it enters the tissue, it is scattered and reduced, creating the necessary shading to create a more accurate picture.

HDlive has four settings – Silhouette, Studio, Flow, and Flow Silhouette. Each serves different purposes, but all provide fine details of the structures being imaged.

Watch a sample of GE’s HDlive technology here!

How HDlive can benefit your practice

HDlive brings a mother closer to her unborn child. The photos are incredibly lifelike, creating a bond between the mother and baby unlike ever before. Providing this opportunity to the mothers that visit your practice will set your practice apart from others.

GE’s HDlive technology isn’t only for fetal exams. Its four different settings allow it to be used for surface, vascular, and internal structures. The picture clarity allows the patient to see and understand their diagnosis, possibly increasing patient compliance.

Which Ultrasound systems run HDlive?

Nearly all of the GE Voluson ultrasound systems run HDlive, with the exception of the P series. Shop the GE Voluson line here or view one of our favorite models, the GE Voluson E8 and its product video review that features its HDlive technology!

Need an ultrasound system with HDlive?

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